Sky To Sea Enduro Mountain Bike Race Completed

Sky To Sea Enduro Mountain Bike Race Completed

The Sky To Sea Enduro mountain bike race, the first enduro mountain bike race in Turkey to descend from the snowy peak to sea level, has ended.

Governor of Kemer Yücel Gemici, Mayor of Kemer Necati Topaloğlu, Deputy Mayor of Kemer Emin Gül, General Manager of Olympos Teleferik Haydar Gümrükçü attended the start of the race, which was sponsored by Kemer Municipality and entered in the calendar of activities of the Turkish Cycling Federation.

The race started with Mayor Topaloğlu, Deputy Mayor Gül and General Manager of Olympos Gümrükçü Cable Car waving the checkered flag on Tahtalı Mountain from an altitude of 2 meters.

In the race, which was attended by about 14 athletes, including 150 foreigners, the athletes pedaled on the 34-kilometer track.

In addition to the snow-capped passes on stage, the athletes descended to sea level traversing the cliffs of Mount Olympus, creek beds and challenging forest trails.

As the athletes jumping from the jumping ramp installed by the seashore were the scene of colorful images, many domestic and foreign guests who came to watch the race took photos with their mobile phones.

Surprise of foreign athletes

Some of the foreign athletes participating in the race, wearing Turkish shirts inside their t-shirts. Bayraklı He decided to compete with t-shirts.

District Governor Yücel Gemici and Mayor Topaloğlu took off their racing clothes and Bayraklı He congratulated and applauded the athletes who wanted to compete in T-shirts.

Take your bike and come to Kemer

Kemer Mayor Necati Topaloğlu said in a statement that the Sky To Sea Enduro mountain bike race started at the top of Tahtalı Mountain and ended at sea level.

Explaining that the race is of great significance as it is the only race in the world that starts from a snowy peak and ends at sea level, Mayor Topaloğlu said: “At the end of the track, the athletes jumped into the sea with their bikes. . It was a very good organization. There will be more to come after this. This will make a great contribution to Kemer in terms of promotion. Our goal is to make Kemer a cycling destination. After that there will be a road bike event. “We tell you to take your bike and come to Kemer.” I would like to thank those who contributed to the contest. he said.

The youngest is 14, the oldest is 54

Cevat Nejatkan, the youngest athlete at 14 to compete in the Manisa race, said he had been cycling since he was 4 and had been involved in enduro cycling for two years.

Explaining that he competed on a tough mountain stage for the first time, Nejatkan said: “The snowy stage defies tortoiseshell. The other athletes in the race are older than me, but maybe I can be 8th. It’s hard to get on the podium, but I’ll get out of it soon. I am also happy to be in Kemer. mentioned.

Selim Şenok, 54, the oldest athlete in the race, noted that he started cycling at the age of 41 and has been racing since he was 44.

Noting that he is the age of the father of many athletes in the race, Şenok said: “Despite everything, I will be in a tough fight. I have a crack in my toe, but my goal is to finish the race. and to see the podium first. I am participating in Kemer for the second time. I have already participated in the Down Olympos races. It was one of the races that I really enjoyed. This track in Kemer is the next track difficult for the riders after the hardest track in the world in Argentina. We will also take this difficult track. I’m sure it will be a good race,” he said.

Athlete Kemerli Mustafa Arif Tunç said the running track was very nice and said he struggled in the first place.

Stating that the third stage was a lot of fun, Tunç said: “The third stage was very rocky. It was a unique stopover in Kemer. It was a good experience for us to compete with foreign athletes. Enduro mountain biking is a developing sport in Turkey. I think it will make a great contribution to Kemer and cycle tourism. Thank you to those who contributed to the race. he said.

After the race, the winners received their awards at the ceremony held for the athletes.


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