Skiers and snowboarders put on a show at Tamarack’s West Mountain Showdown


IDAHO – Skiers and snowboarders put on a show at Tamarack’s West Mountain Showdown Rail Jam, which brought together competitors of all ages and skill levels as they showed off their best tricks.

“It was fun,” said ski competitor Chase Dawson. “I just went out to have fun and ski with some friends.”

Dawson was second in his division and Luke Bruce, an amateur ski competitor, placed third at the Rail Jam as they competed alongside friends, with a large crowd cheering them on.

“I’m pretty happy with this,” Bruce said. “I didn’t manage to land some of the tricks that I could have done. I really tried, and I’m excited about what I did, and I’m just generally happy.

“This is a whole new event, and this is our first time at this one,” said Matt Gebo, vice president of marketing, Tamarack Resort. “Outdoor events seem a bit safer at the moment, so we’re really excited to be able to organize things like this with some great vendors in the village, and it’s really about making sure that people have the best time possible here at the ski area. “

Competitors showed everything they had when falling and hitting the rails, including 360s, plank holds and other tricks.

“My favorite part today was definitely skiing the powder at the top and then pushing down the rails and having a good time with the guys,” Bruce said.

An event that has brought more excitement to the resort, something Tamarack continues to focus on as they continue to add more events like this to their calendar for their guests to enjoy.

“With our growth, it’s organic that this is happening, and to have more events and more activities here that will only complement people’s vacations,” Gebo said. “It’s really important for us to make sure we put in as much stuff for people to do here as possible. We do other things mid-week to add to the excitement as well, so that’s all part of it. a larger plan to put our footprint on the map to be a resort destination. “

They have also received a little help from Mother Nature this season.

“The snow is incredible. We just finished our snowiest December ever and started January with an extra 29 inches this week, ”Gebo said. “The snow surface is incredible right now. We are holding on really well and are delighted that the season is starting. “

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