Severe winter storm causes ‘mini tornado’ in Adelaide


A major winter storm has caused a ‘mini tornado’ to sweep through Adelaide as some Australians experience their coldest day of the year.

States across the country are on high alert for damaging winds, heavy rain, snow and hail, with residents of north Adelaide feeling the full brunt of the storm after 5am on Monday.

High winds and heavy rain caused localized flooding, downed power lines and trees and damaged buildings in Salisbury and surrounding districts.

South Australia’s state emergency services have responded to more than 200 jobs in the region, while thousands are without power.

Camera iconThe aftermath of the ‘mini tornado’ in North Adelaide. Keryn Stevens Credit: News Corp Australia
Camera iconNorth Adelaide is dealing with the effects of localized flooding. Roy Van Der Vegt Credit: News Corp Australia

No injuries were reported, while parts of the city recorded nearly 70mm of rain.

Severe weather warnings for the damaging winds have also been issued for parts of NSW and Victoria.

Winds averaging 70km/h, with maximum gusts of over 90km/h, are likely in western and central New South Wales and far northern Victoria.

“Destroying winds in excess of 90mph are a real threat across large parts of the Southeast, so it’s a good idea to secure that outdoor furniture, perhaps reconsider your need to travel and stay clear of fallen trees and power lines,” Sky News meteorologist Alison Osborne said.

This extreme weather event also caused a polar explosion that will drop temperatures across the country.

“The coldest weather we have seen this year is starting to form in parts of the south east and it will be followed by colder weather next weekend as well,” said Sky News meteorologist Rob Sharpe.

It hit NSW and South Australia on Monday and is expected to gradually shift more focus to Tasmania and Victoria from Tuesday.

Temperatures in areas like Canberra, Lithgow, Orange, Bathurst and Crookwell are expected to drop to -2C by Thursday morning.

This means that snow on the mountains of NSW, Victoria and Tasmania could fall up to 600m over the next few days, with alpine areas of NSW likely to receive up to 70cm.

NSW Police have issued a snow safety warning for Barrington Tops, with access currently closed from Gloucester due to an unstable stretch of road.

Visitors have been warned to prepare for rapidly changing extreme weather conditions including rain, snow, high winds and sub-zero temperatures.


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