School Holidays: We’ve compiled a list of free places in Worcestershire


SUMMER HOLIDAYS are fast approaching and the children may be looking forward to six weeks of school-free bliss.

However, parents may be looking for fun ways to occupy their children during the long break without breaking the bank.

Here is a list of family-friendly and free places you can visit in Worcestershire during the summer holidays.


Cob House, Worcester Road, Wichenford

Families can visit the resident animals, including five reindeer, four alpacas, seven goats, two pigs and even chickens.

Dogs are also welcome on the farm and visitors can have lunch at the Mayfly Cafe.

Ombersley’s Secret Waterfall

There is a hidden waterfall in Ombersley Photo credit: Kyle Laskey, Facebook

Sometimes the “gems” are obvious and other times, well, you have to know where to look.

Luckily, we’re always on the lookout for secret places to relax and soak up the British sun.

And Ombersley Waterfall could be the perfect place to soak up the sunshine we’ve been promised this weekend.

The hidden waterfall is next to Ombersley Cricket Club, but few people know it’s there.


Malvern Hills

Nature lovers can always count on the Malvern Hills when looking for a day out with family or friends.

The dog-friendly hills are perfect for a day out and the perfect spot for a picnic with a view.

Priory Park. Malvern

Worcester News: Priory Park, Malvern Priory Park, Malvern

This park on Priory Road in Malvern is a great place to visit during the summer holidays.

The green space has a playground for children, a large pond and opportunities for walks in the gardens.

The new park will entertain children with its Hobbit holes and bridges.


Abbey Park

Abbey Park in Evesham gives visitors the chance to sit by the river and soak up the rays.

The park is ideal for all ages and could prove to be the perfect way to explore the beautiful landscapes.

The valley

The spaces that come with free parking are so important because it means you can spend more time exploring the countryside and not looking for spare change.

The valley has 22 shops, a garden center and restaurants as well as the Evesham Vale Light Railway and soft play – at a cost.

Children have free use of the play area which is a castle commemorating the 740th anniversary of the Battle of Evesham.

The Cotswolds

Chateau Combe

Castle Combe in the Cotswolds has been described as the prettiest village in England.

No new houses have been built in the village since the 1600s, so it could be the perfect place to explore a historic part of Britain.

Reviewers said the village has a fairytale atmosphere that could be the perfect photo opportunity.

Walk the Thames Path

Visitors can follow the famous English River which begins in the Cotswold Hills and runs all the way to the heart of London.

The Thames Path is one of the National Trails and might be the perfect (and free) activity you might be looking for during the summer holidays.


Butcher’s Row House Museum

Butcher Row House Museum on Church Lane features several historic items believed to have been used in the Battle of Ledbury in 1645.

Visitors can explore artefacts such as reproductions of helmets and breastplates as well as a small collection of musical instruments.


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