Royal Mountain wraps up a successful racing season


CAROGA LAKE — When the racing season started, Royal Mountain owner Jake Tennis wasn’t sure what to expect for this year’s motocross and supercross seasons.

High gas prices and the higher cost of living have left Tennis worried that runners may have to choose to participate in fewer races.

“I was worried at the start of the season because the cost of everything went up,” he said. “I wasn’t sure what our turnouts would be.”

It turned out that Tennis had nothing to worry about as a large number of riders showed up for supercross each week and the six motocross dates also drew a large number of entries.

Royal Mountain has also enjoyed near perfect weather this season.

The first event of the season was moved from Wednesday to Thursday, but after that the weather was no longer an issue until the last event of the season on August 31 when rain reduced the event by two single motorcycles.

“We were extremely lucky with the weather,” Tennis said. “Being able to race all the races is huge. We’ve built a rain date into the calendar, and this year we’ve been able to race all 14 weeks.

It was a welcome development for Tennis and its team who have run Royal Mountain for three years.

During those years, COVID and weather hampered his efforts.

“We didn’t have much luck with the weather last summer, especially with our motocross events,” Tennis said. “It seemed like it was raining every one of those weekends. It’s such a disappointment when you work all week to build and prepare the track, only for it to rain.

With the cooperation of Mother Nature, Royal Mountain started with 161 entries for its first supercross event on June 2. This number increased steadily throughout the season, which ended with 292 entries for the final event on August 31. For the supercross season, there were 3,126 total entries for an average of 223 entries per week.

“Having the participation progression grow like that is what you want to see. It means runners are happy with what we’re doing and letting their friends and fellow runners know what we’re doing here,” Tennis said. “I think they appreciate that we do our best to run an effective program each week. We start practice at 7 p.m. and usually race between 7:45 p.m. and 8 p.m. We are able to run two motos in classes in their twenties and end around 10:45 p.m. each week.

The number was even better for Royal Mountain’s six Central New York Motorcross Riders Association District 3 events. There were 2,274 entries for these races for an average of 379 runners per event.

“Overall, it’s been a pretty great year,” Tennis said. “I’m very happy with how it went and we’re looking forward to next year.”

With that in mind, Royal Mountain has added an event for STACYC balance bikes for its final event of the season on August 31st. The race drew 13 entries for the 12-inch class and 11 in the 16-inch class.

“We organized our first race for them, and I think it went pretty well,” Tennis said. “We expect to do more with them next year. It’s an affordable class and it helps attract runners to the sport.

With the racing season now in the books. Tennis and its staff are now turning their attention to the winter season.

“We are already preparing for the ski season,” Tennis said. “We’ll be snowing here in a few months.”

Royal Mountain held their annual awards night on August 31 and honored the top points earners in each class.

A total of 19 riders from the region won track titles in their respective classes.

Brett Unser of Johnstown, Michael Ward, Tom Hogan, Brandon Handy, Kip Simonds and Maxx Miller all won class titles, as well as Justin Richards of Amsterdam, Joey Vitalis and Mia Richards and Sal Attigliato Jr. and Shane Graham of Gloversville .

CJ Renzi of Canajoharie, Adam Dutcher of Fultonville, Charles Rose of Fonda, Eason Baker of Pattersonville, Blaire Wilson of St. Johnsville, Trevor Patterson of Galway, Joshua Bedell of Northville and Owen Marek of Broadalbin also won track titles.

Unser won five races in both classes to claim the 122-125 two-stroke and 122-250 amateur titles.

Ward won the expert plus-30 and open plus-50 titles. Ward has won three times in the expert plus-30 class and 12 times in the open plus-50 class.

Renzi has won four races this season to claim the 122 Open Novice title. Renzi also took the novice crown 122-250, earning three wins and 13 top-five finishes.

Miller has recorded eight wins this season en route to the 12-15 mini 80cc title.

Attigliato won the 50cc/E-bike 7-8 title, while Simonds won the junior mini 9-11 title, posting nine wins in the category this season.

Handy has won six times this season to claim the 122-250 pundit title, while Rose has won six times en route to the amateur 122-opening crown.

Baker has won six times en route to the 80cc 9-11 mini title, while Wilson has won three en route to the 51-90cc mini quad crown.

Patterson won four times on his way to the 10-16 open mini-crown, while Marek won the schoolboy title.

Vitalis on the pit bike mod title, while Graham reclaimed the pit bike stock title.

Dutcher won six races to win the amateur plus-30 title, while Hogan had 13 top-four finishes to win the amateur plus-40 title.

Justin Richards won four times to claim the amateur quad title, while Bedell won seven times to claim the novice quad crown.

Mia Richards notched five wins to clinch the 12-16 schoolboy/girl quad crown.

In addition to Unser, Renzi and Ward, another rider has picked up points titles in more than one class.

Colton Tubbs of Corinth won the points titles in the 50cc open/E-bike 4-8 and 50cc 4-6 categories.

Other class champions included East Bern’s Finn Smith (mini 60 7-11), Rylee David (mini quad 50cc) and Queensbury’s Becka Broe (women’s 85-250cc).

super cross
at the Royal Mountain ski area
Final points classification
122-NOVICE OPEN: 1. CJ Renzi (Canajoharie) 294, 2. Cooper Reynolds (Fort Plain) 270, 3. Zachary Johnson (Salem) 270, 4. Zachary Martin (Canaan, Conn.) 217, 5. Cory Phillips ( New Baltimore) 203.
122-125 TWO-STROKE: 1. Brett Unser (Johnstown) 278, 2. Joseph Edwards (Cobleskill) 276, 3. Zachary Johnson (Salem) 272, 4. Brandon Dygert (Nelliston) 251, 5. Nicholas Touzin (Ravena) 225 .
122-250 AMATEUR: 1. Brett Unser (Johnstown) 301, 2. Anthony Attigliato (Gloversville) 275, 3. Tyler Dygert (Sprakers) 263, 4. Trevor Patterson (Galway) 224, 5. Hayden Zelich (Johnstown) 119.
122-250 EXPERT: 1. Brandon Handy (Johnstown) 200.
122-250 NOVICE: 1. CJ Renzi (Canajoharie) 328, 2. Cooper Reynolds (Fort Plain) 275, 3. Nicholas Touzin (Ravena) 212, 4. Dylan Unser (Schenectady) 200, 5. Owen Marek (Broadalbin) 198 .
122-OPEN AMATEUR:1. Charles Rose (Fonda) 364, 2. Hayden Zelich (Johnstown) 300, 3. Ryan Gillis (Greenwich) 264, 4. Joseph Edwards (Cobleskill) 355, 5. Brett Hogan (Stratford) 209.
50CC OPEN / E-BIKE (4-8): 1. Colton Tubbs (Corinth) 292, 2. Sal Attigliato Jr. 288, 3. Cole VanGorder (Accord) 284, 4. Bradley Russo (Johnstown) 224, 5. Maverick Manzer (Amsterdam) 224.
50CC (4-6): 1. Colton Tubbs (Corinth) 364, 2. Maverick Manzer (Amsterdam) 307, 3. Burton Wilson IV 306, 4. McKinnon Gray (Laurens) 218, 5. Brody Burnham (Corinth) 175.
50CC E-BIKE (7-8): 1. Sal Attigliato Jr. (Gloversville) 314, 2. Cole VanGorder (Accord) 295, 3. Bradley Russo (Johnstown) 268, 4. Connor Hallenbeck (Gloversville) 223, 5. Brody Kilmartin (Gansevoort) 207.
JUNIOR MINI (9-11): 1. Kip Simonds (Johnstown) 379, 2. Finn Smith (East Bern) 320, 3. Eason Baker (Pattersonville) 205, 4. Wyatt Gliewe (Gloversville) 198, 5. Brennan Hart ( Johnstown) 190, 5. Nash Stortecky (Northville) 190.
MINI 60 (7-11): 1. Finn Smith (East Bern) 391, 2. Sean Smith Jr. (Johnstown) 299, 3. Brennan Hart (Johnstown) 243, 4. Wyatt Gliewe (Gloversville) 220, 5. Eason Baker (Pattersonville) 197.
MINI 80 (12-15): 1. Maxx Miller (Johnstown) 316, 2. Jack Cowan 245, 3. Kolt Wojtwoecz (Middle Grove) 235, 4. Carter Thomas 231, 5. Wesley Willoughby (Sharon Springs) 225.
MINI 80 (9-11): 1. Eason Baker (Pattersonville) 302, 2. Wyatt Washburn (Fort Edward) 255.
MINI QUAD (50cc): 1. Rylee David 301, 2. Easton Morris (Corinth) 295, 3. Jayden Jaszcar (Maryland) 175.
MINI QUAD (51-90cc): 1. Blaire Wilson (St. Johnsville) 289, 2. Chloe VanNostrand (Mayfield) 276, 3. Ethan Cornell (Johnstown) 273, 4. Blake Conroy (Saratoga Springs 216, 5. Ryder Morris (Corinth) 208.
MINI OPEN (10-16): 1. Trevor Patterson (Galway) 321, 2. Maxx Miller (Johnstown) 278, 3. Kip Simonds (Johnstown) 241, 4. Jack Cowan 198, 5. Kolt Wojtowecz (Middle Grove) 163 .
PIT BIKE MOD: 1. Joey Vitalis (Amsterdam) 225, 2. Matthew Burlett (Johnstown) 174.
PIT BIKE STOCK: 1. Shane Graham (Gloversville) 298, 2. Jack Battisti (Mayfield) 283, 3. Grayson Guttenberg (Broadalbin) 262, 4. Dan Gifford (Broadalbin) 255, 5. Kenny Holliday (Gloversville) 189.
PLUS-30 AMATEUR: 1. Adam Dutcher (Fultonville) 349, 2. Ryan Gillis (Greenwich) 329, 3. Mike Baker (Pattersonville) 272, 4. Sean Smith (Johnstown) 144, 5. Nick Cross (Mayfield) 142.
PLUS-30 EXPERT: 1. Michael Ward (Johnstown) 341.
PLUS-40 AMATEUR: 1. Tom Hogan (Johnstown) 323, 2. Mike Baker (Pattersonville) 319, 3. Gary Thrane Jr. (Johnsonville) 210.
PLUS-50 OPEN: 1. Michael Ward (Johnstown) 394, 2. Jamie Nimey (Yorkville) 204.
AMATEUR QUAD: 1. Justin Richards (Amsterdam) 275, 2. Troy Palmer (Northville) 172.
QUAD NOVICE: 1. Joshua Bedell (Northville) 356, 2. Charles Roney (Schenectady) 244, 3. Zachary VanNostrand (Mayfield) 205, 4. Cody Milanese (Ballston Spa) 132.
SCHOOL/GIRL QUAD (12-16): 1. Mia Richards (Amsterdam) 314, 2. Kendra Cary (Fultonville) 302.
SCHOOLCHILD: 1. Owen Marek (Broadalbin) 244, 2. Brydon Broe (Queensbury) 234, 3. Zachary Martin (Canaan, Connecticut) 221, 4. Nicholas Touzin (Ravena) 180, 5. Henry Vagele (Selkirk) 153.
WOMEN (85-250cc): 1. Becka Broe (Queensbury) 349, 2. Brandie Yaggle (Troy) 268, 3. Teagan Townsend (Westerlo) 257, 4. Britney St. Gelais (Schaghticoke) 184.


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