Rocky Mountain Power provides advice on preparing for a power outage


SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4) – Winter storms can cause power outages in several different ways.

“One of the big problems with that is the weight of the snow falling on those branches, breaking those branches and then hitting the lines,” said Tiffany Erickson, spokesperson for Rocky Mountain Power.

Rocky Mountain Power works year round to mitigate power outages by doing things like pruning trees near power lines. It also has meteorologists on staff so that it can be prepared in the event of an outage. “This preparation includes everything from setting up standby teams to ensuring that we have the resources, equipment and tools available to complete these restoration efforts as soon as possible,” says Erickson.

And as crews continue to work to restore power for those who still experience blackouts, Erickson says power outages are hard to avoid and customers need to be prepared for blackouts whenever winter is forecast. . “We agree with local and national emergency management organizations that say you have to be ready for at least 72 hours to be without power or services,” says Erickson.

This means having coats, blankets, food, batteries, and flashlights, among other things, on hand. And if you do experience an outage, contact your power company, both to report the outage and to get information about it.

“We understand that any failure is really, really annoying, which is why we have extra teams and resources working to make these restorations,” says Erickson.


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