Report storm damage faster with new county tool


WARREN COUNTY, NY (NEWS10) – The Warren County Office of Emergency Services released a new tool this week designed to help people living around the county cope with the impacts of storm damage indoors. or outside their neighborhood. A new tool is just a QR code scan away.

The Warren County Storm Reporter app is now available for iPhone and Android devices. Developed by Warren County Planning & Community Development, as well as the Office of Emergency Services, the app gives residents an accessible resource to report damage caused by wind, rain or winter storms. This information goes directly to the county, and from there to first responder crews, public works departments, and federal and state agencies in cases where their assistance is required.

“We believe this website will be a good tool to help us record storm damage to pass on to our local partners as well as state and federal agencies in the event that financial assistance for repairs is requested.” , said Warren County Emergency Services Director Ann. Mary Mason. “We thank our colleagues at Warren County Planning & Community Development for working with us to create this new platform.”

The county notes that the app does not replace reporting or seeking emergency response. County residents should always call 911 in emergencies, including injuries, fires, downed power lines and floods.

“Using this technology will help our emergency services personnel keep tabs on storm-related issues in Warren County to ensure they are resolved as quickly as possible,” Kevin said. Geraghty, chairman of the Warren County Board of Supervisors. “We urge residents to use this app when storms hit our county and damage is seen.”


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