Red Lodge Mountain staff ask for prayers on the snow before opening day


RED LODGE – Everything is on the deck at Red Lodge Mountain as the staff prepare the ski resort for opening day, and they ask the community to pray for the snow.

“The news is that we are going to open. I know it may surprise some people with the way Mother Nature was. It’s a bit hot, a bit dry. But thanks to our snow team, our grooming team and our mountain operations team, we will be opening this Friday, ”said Spencer Weimar, assistant general manager of Red Lodge Mountain on Tuesday.

MTN News / Mitch Lagge

Spencer Weimar, Assistant General Manager of Red Lodge Mountain.

Three tracks accessible by the triple chairlift, as well as the magic carpet and the beginners area, will be ready for the opening day, with a base mainly made up of artificial snow.

“While it doesn’t look that good in some places, I think we’re going to have a good start to the season,” said Weimar.

The good news is that temperatures should be around 20 degrees Fahrenheit or lower for the next 36 hours, which is the right conditions for snowmaking. Weimar said mountain crews will work around the clock until opening day, producing as much snow as possible on 22 snow cannons stretching from Midway Lodge to base.

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MTN News / Mitch Lagge

The Triple Chairlift is in the foreground in front of the Willow Creek Chairlift at Red Lodge Mountain three days before opening day.

“There is also snow in the forecast. Maybe we’ll pick up some of it. I see maybe we should scoop up an inch or two of natural snow tonight to accompany the artificial snow, but everyone still has to do their snow dances, ”Weimar said.

Skiers and snowboarders will see relaxed COVID-19 protocols on the mountain compared to last season. Masks should be worn by unvaccinated guests and anywhere inside a lodge where people cannot socially distance themselves. But there is no longer a mask requirement for the outdoor ski lift line this year.

Like last year, seating in the lodges will only be reserved for people purchasing food or drink. Reservations at the Bierstube at the base can be made in advance for those looking for a safe seat in cold weather.

112321 MIAMI BEACH LIFT_2.22.1.jpg

MTN News / Mitch Lagge

The Miami Beach Elevator at Red Lodge Mountain needs Mother Nature’s love before it can start filming in 2021.

Regarding ticket prices, Weimar said a full-day adult ticket will be reduced by $ 12 to a total of $ 67, until conditions improve. Then people should expect to pay between $ 79 and $ 99 for an adult day ticket.

“Most of the year, if you wait and come to the window, it will cost you $ 79. If you buy in advance, even 48 hours in advance, you can save up to 5%. And you can save up to 25 percent if you buy a month in advance. So if you know when you’re going to come, go ahead and buy that ticket, ”Weimar said.

To learn more about Red Lodge Mountain, visit their website by clicking here.


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