Rain, wind and abundant mountain snow await as we sail through the weekend!


Prepare for sloppy conditions this weekend as a strong storm heads for the Pacific Northwest. We expect rain, gusty winds and heavy snowfall in the mountains and that is why the FOX forecast team is calling a “weather alert” from Friday night to Saturday morning.

Look for difficult trips through the mountains, as a flow of cool, humid air from the west and northwest will produce heavy snowfall in the Cascades. We’re talking about two and a half feet of snow! And that’s great news for our resorts as the foundations are built and closer to opening. The downside, with snow levels falling between 1000 ‘and 2000’, the passage of the pass will become very difficult.

A “Winter Storm Watch” will go into effect Friday through Saturday through the Olympics and Stunts. We sometimes expect heavy snowfall as well as gusts of wind. This combo can be potentially dangerous as areas of snow will blow, reducing visibility and these gusty winds could knock branches off trees.

Here’s a look at the snow totals forecast through late Saturday afternoon.

The second part of our great weather history is the wind! A “watch of strong winds” comes into effect from Friday evening to Saturday morning for several counties, in particular; San Juan, Western Whatcom, Western Skagit, Admiralty Inlet, as well as the north and central coasts. Winds are forecast from the south at 35-45 mph, gusting to nearly 60 mph at times. These wind speeds can potentially produce widespread power outages.

We also have a “wind advisory” for many places around Puget Sound including; the southwest interior, Everett, Seattle, Bremerton, Tacoma, Bellevue, Hood Canal, Lower Chehalis Valley and the foothills. Look for sustained southerly winds between 25 and 35 mph with gusts of up to 55. This alert will remain in effect from Friday evening through Saturday morning. Make sure to secure these trash cans as they can be blown out.

The showers dispersed on Sunday with a risk of thunderstorms developing mainly along the coast. Otherwise we will see intermittent rain until the start of the work week. Snow levels will drop to nearly 200 feet, but there won’t be a ton of humidity to work with, but we don’t rule out a few areas seeing an uneven winter mix.

Travel in complete safety! ~ Erin Mayovsky, forecaster of FOX 13

* Forecast Range

* Mountain forecast

* Central WA forecast


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