Public Works Explains Delay in Main Street Snow Berm Removal – The Rocky Mountain Goat

McBride Public Works crews had their work cut out after recent heavy snowfall and low temperatures. Crews cleared the parking lot and street access, but were unable to completely remove the snow until temperatures subsided. /ANDREA ARNOLD

By Andrea Arnold

Those who have roamed the streets of McBride over the past few weeks have been greeted by a berm of snow in the middle of Main Street. McBride Public Works Operations Manager John Peterson said several heavy snowfalls followed by extremely cold weather hampered their ability to fully clear the street.

“The cold is extremely hard on equipment, especially older equipment,” Peterson said. “If another big storm was forecast, we would have moved it earlier.”

The snow berm has been removed at each of the intersections along Main Street, allowing continued access to other streets in the village. As soon as the temperatures warmed up to -20°C, the teams worked hard to clear the piles.

“It took three dump trucks and a loader 20 hours to move the snow,” he said.

With more snow in the forecast, the Village recently sent a letter to businesses and residences along Main Street outlining snow and ice policy regulations. The letter indicates that between 4:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. (between October 15 and April 15), during a snow event, no parking is permitted on Main Street to allow for rapid snow removal. According to by-law PW-01.2, a snow event occurs when there is an accumulation of 5 cm on Principale Street. For all other courses within the community, 10cm is considered a snow event.

Signs reminding the public of the parking rules have been ordered and will be installed as soon as they arrive.

The Village hopes the letters and signage will improve the efficiency and quality of snow clearing on Main Street.


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