Plano ISD approves payment to employees for wages lost during winter storm shutdowns


Plano ISD’s board of directors has approved a resolution to pay employees unable to work during winter storms in February. (William C. Wadsack/Community Impact Journal)

The Plano ISD board agreed to pay employees who were unable to come to work by the hour when the district closed for three days in February due to harsh winter weather.

PISD closed all schools and facilities on February 3-4 and February 24. At their April 5 meeting, the directors unanimously approved a resolution to pay non-exempt employees who were kept from work due to inclement weather shutdowns.

“Exempt employees, or professional employees, by the nature of their contract, are paid regardless of school closures,” Deputy Superintendent Beth Brockman said at the meeting. “Our objective [with this resolution] is about employee retention and retaining our employees who are highly dependent on day-to-day work for their paychecks.”

Brockman said the resolution should have no effect on the district’s budget because PISD was “already committed” to paying the salaries of those employees. Administrator Cody Weaver expressed support for the resolution.

“Anything we can do, within reason, to ensure that our staff are compensated and not harmed by something beyond their control and our control, I believe we have a responsibility to do,” a- he declared.


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