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Cheers! I’m excited to write this real estate column for you! I am a real estate agent and former long time resident of Nederland/Gilpin. I deeply love our mountain community and our homes that make the lifestyle the dream it is, even when it’s windy! This column will include home maintenance tips, market stats, and other home-related information. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, requests or comments.

October home maintenance checklist. Home maintenance is something many of us enjoy, many of us hate, and some of us are completely unaware of. Either way, some tasks can save you time and money in the long run, not to mention a few nasty surprises in the middle of winter. Here are some tips for preparing your home for winter.

Garden + Outdoor . Store Hoses, Tools and Planters – Unplug, drain and coil your garden hose and place it in a covered, dry place. Empty and store flower pots and rain barrels. Protecting these items from snow and ice will prevent them from cracking and save you money come spring. Also, cover or bring in grills, patio furniture, or any other items that could be damaged by snow and ice.

Clean the gutters. Clean gutters allow snow to melt and run off the roof easily, preventing ice buildup that can lead to roof leaks. Along these lines, make sure each gutter drain extends a few feet beyond your home, otherwise snowmelt and rain will flow directly into your home’s foundation.

Protect water pipes. Make sure that all incoming water lines that are exposed to outside temperatures are insulated or covered with heating tape.

Interior. Seal out drafts – You can insulate your windows by caulking the edges, using thermal lined curtains and/or using a clear plastic window insulation kit. Install weatherstripping around doors and windows if necessary.

HVAC inspection. Change your furnace filter and have your furnace inspected. Nothing like coming home from work to a freezing house! It can be avoided! A good inspection will make sure it is happy and working properly.

Smoke/carbon monoxide detectors. Make sure your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are working properly. If you don’t know how to test your detectors, search for your specific detector online. Colorado law requires that a smoke and carbon monoxide detector be within 15 feet of each bedroom. Read and follow the installation instructions of the detectors you are installing.

Wood stove/sweeping and inspection. For many of us, our home is the heart of our mountain home. Have your wood stove/chimney inspected and swept. An inspection will ensure that there are no unwanted materials in the chimney that could pose a hazard when you have regular fires over the next few seasons.

Thanks for the reading!

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