Pakistan: Westerners are embarking on mountain tourism in auto-rickshaws!


The day before their departure, the Alpine Club of Pakistan (ACP) and the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) organized a farewell reception for the tourists. The reception will also bring together members of the tourism department of Gilgit Baltistan (GB) and the media.

Team leader Julian Rohann Carnall said they were excited to explore the hidden beauty of the northern regions of Pakistan. We know we have to cover a huge distance. The journey is tough enough, but that’s what the adventure is all about, he said.

The team members will explore what they have said about the beauty of the landscapes and sights of the northern region of Pakistan – GB and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) – which is considered “a paradise on earth”.

Getting there in rickshaws is quite difficult. But we have years of experience as we have already been on such trips to India, Nepal, Thailand and Sri Lanka. We also practiced here in Pakistan and are confident to carry out the mission, he added.

This is going to be a unique way to incorporate rickshaws into an adventure and tourists plan to complete their mission within a week.

Julian Rohann Carnall said the majestic sites of GB and KP were second to none. Snow-capped peaks and sky-kissing valleys along with winding roads at dizzying altitudes make the region an ideal tourist destination. We want the world to know that, he said, adding that it would definitely be an unforgettable experience.

They plan to post short video clips, v-logs, stories and photos of mountains located in GB and KP. Julian Carnall, who has also traveled to Nepal, India and Thailand, would make his first stopover in Balakot. There they will spend the night. The next day would be spent in Batakundi. They will cross the peak of Babusar on the third day of their journey and reach Chilas, where they will spend a night.

Gilgit will be their next stop then Hunza before finally reaching Khunjerab. The British government and the special organization of communication then organized a reception for the team.

Shahid Islam, deputy chief executive of the Pakistan Sports Board, hailed the adventurous spirit of the tourists. He also appreciated APC’s efforts to promote mountain sports and tourism. SCO and the UK government will provide all mechanical and technical support to these adventurers, he said.

ACP Secretary Karrar Haidri said the travel of foreign tourists to Britain by auto-rickshaws would boost tourism and mountain sports in the country. He said tour operators also play an important role for the development of mountain tourism and the government should also facilitate their efforts.


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