Oklahoma crews brace for winter storm moving Monday


OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — With the winter storm quickly setting in Monday, the cities of Edmond and Oklahoma City are working to keep you and your family safe.

Multiple crews across the city and state are ready to go as they monitor weather conditions ahead Monday.

The City of Edmond told News 4, “There are four spreader plow units ready to go if needed. Depending on the changing forecast and street conditions, we can and will have the rest of our gear ready to go. If necessary, we will set up 12-hour snow shifts.

The city continues to say, “Our emergency management team is monitoring weather conditions and will continue to do so and coordinate with our street response team for the remainder of the weekend.”

Oklahoma City crews began preparing Thursday.

“We started loading our trucks. We started putting in the spreaders for the salt and all that goes with it. So we’ve loaded 17 trucks so far,” said Raymond Melton, Oklahoma City Street Superintendent.

Raymond Melton also said crews will be on the roads for probably 24 hours until the roads are safe.

“But we expect it to only last a day or two, and it probably won’t be like a February or January ice storm… We will bring the crews in at their normal time because it looks like it going to hit around 10 or 11 tomorrow morning.. So they come in at six and work all day,” Melton said.

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation said it has about 50 trucks ready to go on the subway.

“They will attack highways, highways and toll roads. They have already served as fuel and filled with sand and salt. So as soon as the rainfall starts coming in, we can tackle that,” said

Mills G. Leslie, Strategic Communications, Oklahoma Department of Transportation.

ODOT has 640 trucks statewide and 190,000 tons of sand and salt mix for Monday.

“These groups will monitor and monitor different areas. And of course as soon as he moves around, they’ll start, they’ll start attacking the roads,” Leslie said.

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation suggests planning ahead. You can check the current road conditions before leaving in the morning here on the ODOT website.

AAA Oklahoma also encourages all drivers to prepare their vehicles now to avoid being stuck due to the impact of cold weather.

Some things they suggest are checking batteries and flat tires.

AAA Oklahoma said it handled 64,899 emergency roadside assistance calls last winter in the state, with the most common issues being dead batteries and flat tires.

Cool weather brings frozen pipes, the American Red Cross says some things you can do to prevent frozen pipes are keep garage doors closed, open kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors to allow warmer air to circulate around the plumbing and cause the water to flow through the pipe. – even in drips – helps prevent pipes from freezing.

They also suggest keeping the thermostat set at the same temperature day and night.

You can find more information about pipe freezing here.

The snow is expected to recede by Monday evening with cold air remaining.


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