Oh, the rats: After appeals from Hoboken residents, the city places rodent baits


HOBOKEN, NJ – Not every “Rat Pack” makes Hoboken proud.

After months of complaints from residents about a rat problem in the city, the city has begun to take action in several ways.

Councilman Ruben Ramos and Councilwoman Jennifer Giattino, who represent the southwest and central areas of the square-mile city, noted the issue at the end of various council meetings dating back to winter, with Giattino saying that locals had seen rats “running in the snow”. .”

The city council took action in early June by voting to add a line to its nuisance law“No one shall feed birds, rodents or any other non-domestic wild animal on public roads, sidewalks, parks and/or public places.”

Signs in parks now warn of fines of up to $1,000.

But is it enough?

The city has also placed bait in some neighborhoods, city spokeswoman Marilyn Baer said this week.

“The city is baiting near the sewers between Fifth Street and 10th Street, from Monroe Street to
Garden Street,” she said on Tuesday. “The city is also baiting near problem areas flagged on a
necessary basis. Like other municipalities in the region, the city has seen an increase in the rodent population due to more people staying home during the pandemic. »

Residents have indeed reported seeing more wildlife around Hoboken in the past two years, from raccoons to deer running down the street.

“The town is asking all members of the community to help keep Hoboken clean and green by
keep garbage in covered containers, pick up pet waste and do not litter to eliminate rodents
food sources,” Baer added.

She said: “Homeowners should also remove weeds and invasive vegetation on their property to help eliminate rodent habitats. The Hoboken Health Department continues to inspect reported areas of rodent activity.”

Residents can report sightings directly to the Hoboken Health Department at (201) 420-2375.

Hoboken is not alone. New York City has reported an increase in rat sightings, the New York Times reported in November. They cited a “perfect storm” during the pandemic – outdoor dining, cuts to sanitation and inspection budgets, and even hotter and wetter weather.

The CDC notes that rats and mice can spread “more than 35 diseases.” They give tips for solving a rat problem here.

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