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A climber who discovered a treasure of precious stones finally received his share of the jewelry.

The treasure was first discovered eight years ago, in 2013, while hiking the Bossons Glacier on Mont Blanc in the French Alps and spotted something shiny coming out ice and snow. He took out a metal box and found a bag inside containing around 100 gemstones, which had been buried for 55 years.

The stones, which included rubies, emeralds and sapphires, were valued at around US $ 340,000.

The honest climber turned the stones over to the police, as required by law, and according to the BBC, the mayor of Chamonix took the jewelry to keep it safe, hiding it in a safe in the basement of the town hall.

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“He saw very well that what he had in his hands was something very precious, immediately realizing that they were precious stones which had been very carefully packed,” said a police official. local. told USA Today at the time of the discovery. “Maybe he didn’t want to keep something that had belonged to someone who died.”

The bag, marked “Made in India”, was probably an artefact from January 24, 1966 Air India plane crash who killed the 117 passengers on board, investigators told Agence France-Presse.

Since the discovery of the box, two families attempted to claim their names were engraved on the side of the box, but efforts to locate the original owner were unsuccessful. The BBC too attempted to conduct his own investigation in jewelry, but encountered a lot of confusion and secrecy on the part of French officials.

The treasure will now be shared between the climber and the owner of the land, in this case the local authorities.

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The Boeing 707, named Kangchenjunga, was flying from what was then Mumbai to New York, and crashed into the French Mountain after poor verbal communication of flight controls. On board was the pioneer of India’s nuclear program, Homi Jehangir Bhabha.

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Officials told AFP that a passenger on the flight was likely taking the jewelry to New York City to sell.

In September 2012, a bag of diplomatic mail from the flight was found on the mountainside by hikers and taken over by India. And last year the melting ice revealed copies of Indian newspapers with headlines from when Indira Gandhi became Indian Prime Minister, reports The Guardian.

A photo taken in 2012 shows the bag of diplomatic mail belonging to the Indian government, which was found on the Bossons Glacier.

Jean-Pierre Clatot / Getty Images

Over the years, climbers have regularly found debris, baggage and human remains from the 1966 plane, as well as items from another Air India flight that crashed in almost exactly the same spot in 1950.

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