Mountain snow and cold showers in the plains


From Sunday noon, the worst of the snow in the mountains passed for the weekend. However, there could still be several centimeters of fresh snow for the passes by Monday morning. This could reduce visibility and create dangerous conditions for drivers. Here in the lower elevations there is a small chance that snow will sometimes mix with rain today and tomorrow!

Already we have had reports of a rain/snow mix for Birch Bay, Bothell and West Lake Stevens. We would like to know what type of precipitation you see in your neighborhood! Find us at FOX 13 on social media.

In addition to the occasional rain/snow mix, some backyards may see small hail and hail today and tomorrow. Here is a reminder of the difference between the two:

In other words, the temperatures will be cold today! The highs will not rise until the mid to upper 40s. Bundle up and dress in warm, waterproof layers. Scattered showers are forecast. We also cannot exclude lightning: the coast has the best chance of having weak thunderstorms.

The winds will ease somewhat this afternoon. A cloudy sky will make the temperatures even cooler!

Rain could be heavy in places today. Where showers occur, roads can be slippery. Drive carefully.

Here is a preview from Futurecast:

Let’s dive deeper into the luck for plains snowflakes. These communities have the best chance of snow on the plains: Western Whatcom County, Port Angeles, Sequim, and Hood Canal. Little to no accumulations are expected.

Whether anything stuck to the ground overnight, it would most likely pile up on cooler surfaces like grass and patio furniture. Any snowfall totals through Monday for the Hood Canal and Port Angeles depend on the extent to which the “upslope” occurs.

Upsloping is a weather event where a mass of air cools and condenses when it hits a mountain range. We have low confidence in this forecast because for lowland snow to materialize, we need the two main ingredients to line up: cool temperatures and humidity. Right now, it doesn’t seem like the cold air is coming in time for the snow to stick.

It is an evolving situation. Stay tuned!

As for the mountains, a winter weather advisory remains in effect until 4 p.m. today.

Cold showers are in the works for Monday. Drier air takes over by Tuesday. In fact, the dry weather could persist into next weekend.

Our next weather headline this week is falling temperatures. Check out these overnight lows in our latest seven-day forecast! Temperatures are expected to drop into the low 20s and low 30s early Wednesday and Thursday in western Washington. At least we will have some sun!

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