Mountain snow and a valley mix will scour the inversion


Low clouds and cold temperatures remain in the valley until Thursday morning, then a storm will bring afternoon snow and rain to lower elevations and a few inches of snow to the mountains mostly above. 4000 feet.

Treasure Valley will likely see a start as rain then turn to snow then back to rain in the evening. Regular precipitation will stop as early as 5:30 p.m., then rain showers are expected to give way to a flurry of snow late Thursday evening, giving parts of the valley (particularly Boise to the south and east) a blanket of snow. It will be the result of a cold front moving through the area with wind and falling temperatures that could cause a quick freeze by Friday morning on untreated roads, parking lots and sidewalks.

This cold front should be enough to strip the pollution leaving behind a partly cloudy Friday. The fog may form Friday evening, but it should dissipate in the morning, leaving behind a delightful winter afternoon with sunshine, light winds and temperatures approaching 40 degrees.

In central Idaho, 1″-3″ of snow can be expected in the valleys with 2″-4″ of snow in the higher elevations and ski resorts.

Although we may get a day or two of afternoon sun in the valley, we can expect the inversion to rebuild, causing progressively colder temperatures and areas of fog and low cloud. for the next week.

By the 28th (next Friday), another chance of snow is predicted and this could be the start of the change in weather patterns we’ve all been looking forward to for the northwest.

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