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Krystal Nimigian and Sophie Judson in Lindsey Thornburg dresses.
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The late great photographer Bill Cunningham once said, “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” Although that sounds a bit drastic, even over the top, I can appreciate his point. Cunningham cleverly photo-documented New Yorkers on the move for his “On The Street” column for five decades in The New York Times until his passing in 2016, and also gained a reputation as a savvy fashion writer for Daily Women’s Clothing and Chicago Grandstand.

Personally, I love seeing individuals express themselves through style of dress, and with that in mind, I’m highlighting a few notables from recent events around Aspen.

Held in early August, Intersect Aspen Art Fair was led by General Manager Rebecca Hoffman, who shrewdly curated the show for its second consecutive year at the Aspen Ice Garden. On arrival, spectators received stylish bags from UOVO, the exclusive shipping and logistics partner, to fill with props and takeaways from the various galleries on display.

Hat designer Nick Fouquet from his eponymous store on Hyman Avenue — as well as his original boutique on Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach — hosted an in-store reception and dinner for friends at the Snow Lodge on August 13. Many guests came equipped with Fouquet hats. , always adorned with his trademark match nestled in the band, or purchased them at the store with the option of customizing them to their liking.

Watches are certainly de rigueur, and Hublot is one of those brands that appeals. The luxury watchmaker hosted a reception on August 14 in Aspen with brand friend, retired professional cyclist Christian Vande Velde, as a special guest, sporting their Spirit of Big Bang watch.

The sport of polo is synonymous with style, and Aspen Valley Polo Club (AVPC) has followed suit this summer with its ongoing matches at Carbondale. I am grateful to have been the guest of AVPC co-founder, Melissa Ganzi, one afternoon for the Sentebale ISPS Handa Polo Cup held on August 25th. Harry, aka the Duke of Sussex, scored the only four goals to win for his side.

Fashion designer Lindsey Thornburg came to town the weekend of September 10 to represent her collection currently on display at Kemo Sabe. Thornburg grew up in Aspen, studied fashion in Los Angeles, now lives in New York and, to say the least, crushes it as a coat and dress designer. She found her niche working with Pendleton, having landed the coveted role of “the only company in 110 years to cut into their clothes”, from which she makes her capes for women, men and children. Visit Kemo Sabe Aspen to see her clothes, which are also shown on cast members on the hit show “Yellowstone.”

Chic friends Vanessa Sorensen, Alix Cohen and Sari Tuschman at Nick Fouquet’s dinner party at the Snow Lodge.
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Bethany Williams and Agus Mistretta at Nick Fouquet’s dinner at the Snow Lodge.
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Hat designer Nick Fouquet at his eponymous store in Aspen alongside Courtney Wyckoff; they have been friends since they went to Rollins College.
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Rebecca Hoffman, director of Intersect Aspen Art Fair, dressed on all fours next to the oil and acrylic painting ‘Memorias de Una Vida’ by artist Omar Rodriguez-Graham.
Retired professional cyclist Christian Vande Velde with Hublot Watches’ Bianca Vanrell at the launch party for his cycling camp at The Nell.
Nikki Hausher
Smartly dressed Kitz Goodman and Natalie Antoine admire Casterline|Goodman’s gallery art at Intersect Aspen Art Fair.
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Proud mom Coni Thornburg with her daughter, clothing designer Lindsey Thornburg, whose collection is available at Kemo Sabe in Aspen.
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Dominica Devaney demonstrating a Lindsay Thornburg Kemo Sabe cape, made from Pendelton fabric.
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Chef Geoffrey Zakarian and “Vogue” contributor Zach Weiss dressed to impress at the Aspen Valley Polo Club.
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Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, in light blue, competes in the Sentebale ISPS Handa Polo Cup at Aspen Valley Polo Club in August.
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