Most of the trails in the Aspen area close to mountain bikes this week

The Bureau of Land Management is placing signs on December 1 for trail closures on the Prince Creek Upper System.
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Many trails in the Roaring Fork Valley area will be closed to wheeled vehicles on Wednesday or have already been restricted.

The Bureau of Land Management, Pitkin County Open Space and Trails, and the Town of Snowmass Village will be closing several popular single-track trails starting December 1. The White River National Forest has already passed winter travel rules that restrict all wheeled vehicles, including bicycles, to roads that are cleared of snow.

“These winter regulations play an important role in maintaining the White River National Forest as a prime location for winter recreation by helping to maintain the conditions for activities such as snowmobiling, cross-country skiing and skiing. snowshoeing, ”Forestry Supervisor Scott Fitzwilliams said in a press release Monday.

In many cases, closures are in effect to preserve grooming by snowmobile clubs and cross-country ski groups. In other cases, roads and grounds are closed to all winter travel to protect designated wilderness, critical winter wildlife habitat, or both.

The Forest Service’s Winter Motor Vehicle Use Map identifies roads and areas designated for snow travel. The map can be downloaded from

On other public lands, the winter shutdown comes into effect on Wednesday. In some cases, the trails are closed to all uses. In other cases, it is closed to bicycles only.

Sky Mountain Park, North Rim Trail, and Seven Star will be closed to all users from December 1 to May 15.

The Rio Grande trail between Rock Bottom Ranch and Catherine Store is closed for all use from December 1 at 5 p.m. to April 30 at 5 p.m.

Glassier Open Space and Trail is closed to all uses from December 1 to April 30.

Most of the trail system on the Crown, including the Vasten Trail and the Buckhorn Trail, will be closed to bikes from December 1 to April 15. The exception is the low elevation Prince Creek trail system, South Porcupine Ditch and below.

The Elk Traverse and North trail system on Red Hill will be closed to all users from December 1 to April 15. Access to the Sutey Ranch closed on September 30.

The Lorax trail is closed to bikes from December 1 to April 15.

The Coal Camp trail system in South Canyon is closed to all users from December 1 to April 15.

The New Castle trail system on BLM lands north of town is closed to bicycles from December 1 to April 15.

Some trails remain open for bikes in the winter, but land managers and advocacy groups are urging cyclists to use common sense and avoid wet and muddy roads. Trails should be walked when they are dry or frozen.

Open trails include the Lower New Castle Trails, the Grandstaff Trail accessed via Red Mountain Road in Glenwood Springs, the Front Face of Red Hill, the Prince Creek Trails on and below South Porcupine Ditch, and the Aspen Fat Bike Loop.


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