More mountain snow yet to come


Merry Christmas! Hope you are spending some time with your family on this holiday weekend! From a weather point of view, the valley will remain mostly dry, but a downpour is possible during the night and in the morning. The mountains will experience more snow showers this evening. As a result, a winter storm warning is in effect for the mountains surrounding the valley until Tuesday morning. The main concern tonight will be snow levels falling to 1,000 feet by tomorrow morning. This will set the stage for many foothills to see a chance of snow as the next systems move through the area. Our next system should arrive Sunday evening through Monday with more snow in the mountains and most parts of the valley receiving rain. Redding can see a mixture of rain / snow in the morning given the cooler air mass that sets in. In total we could see another 3 to 4 feet of snow until Tuesday morning with places locally receiving over 9 feet. Tuesday is expected to be a break in time, but the next system, while weaker, moves through the end of Tuesday through Wednesday morning, bringing with it a chance of snow in the valley. considering the colder weather. The end of the year and the work week seem dry for now, but there could be the possibility that another fast moving system will pass by. These details are still uncertain at this time.

Posted: Dec 25, 2018 2021 18:38 PM

Updated: 25 Dec. 2021 18:38


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