March 2022: Good solid precipitation and warm temperatures


March 2022: As one of the two wettest months, we rely on March to provide substantial humidity to prepare for spring. This March did not disappoint with over 2 inches of liquid from nearly 29 inches of snow. We had a few minor events on the 5th-10th, 20th-23rd and 29th-30th. The big event was on the 17th-18th where we had 20 inches of snow. At the beginning of the month we had very cold mornings, but things really warmed up with highs in the 60s by the end of the month.

Temperature: Conditions were generally warmer than normal, but there were a few days in the first 10 days where we dropped below freezing a few mornings. The average high was 47 F and the average low was 22 F. Relative to normal, these temperatures combined to be 7 degrees above the long-term average. The highest was 62 F on the 27th; The lowest low was -9 F on the 10th; the lowest high was 15F on the 6th. Precipitation: The general northwesterly flow brought fast-moving systems that did not produce heavy snow. That changed on the 17th when a more classic Pacific storm brought a deep upslope and 20 inches of snow around the area. The total was 28.7 inches, which was just about par. Liquid, on the other hand, was well above normal at 2.31 inches, due to warmer than normal temperatures.

The winds: Much less windy than normal with only 6 days of wind. Maximum wind was 55 mph on the 12th.

Other Features: The flow from the northwest was persistent except for the arrival of a strong wave from the Pacific. The snowpack decreased considerably during the hot last week of the month. My peak snow accumulation was 22 inches on the 18th, dropping to 2 inches by the end of the month.

Outlook for April: April days have highs of 49F with lows of 25F. There is 30 inches of snow in typical April. There are only 6 days of wind. Long range models show snow events on 6-7 and 12-13. Later in the month it looks slightly cooler with about normal precipitation.


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