MAFB security forces weathering the storm


MINOT AIR FORCE BASE, ND — Minot Air Force Base must also continue emergency services during a blizzard, even when roads are blocked and everything is closed.

A great term for the base is “continuity of service”. This means that even through trials and tribulations, like our recent storms, security forces always find ways to get out and accomplish their mission.

“We’re obviously working hand in hand with CE and the snowplows…to clear the way for us when we’ve come in and responded and kind of done what we had to do with the fire and the medical and stuff like that,” Master said. sergeant. Jonathan Calo, security forces flight chief.

They prioritize the same emergency services in basic housing as any other community during a storm.

“When the snowstorm started to happen, we were more on the streets making sure the main roads were clear, then towards the end when it started to calm down, just trying to get the building open. security forces. Top priorities like first responders,” said Senior Airman Jonathan Burtick, “Dirt Boys.”

Security forces received various calls during the April 12-14 blizzard.

“None of that stopped even though we had 20 to 25 inches at the time when we were responding to a woman in labor or someone who cut their hand,” Calo said.

During a call, some service members encountered their own problems.

“One of our responding vehicles got stuck and we had to drive through five feet of snow to get to the house, but nothing stopped,” Calo said.

They also used the plows to deliver food to troops posted around the base, taking four hours to cover half a mile at one point.

Senior Airman Burtick, who we spoke to for this story, will be reassigned to Germany next week. He says these storms have been a final good hoorah with the men and women he works with and we wish him the best of luck overseas.

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