Madison County community braces for potential flooding after tornado and snow storm the same week


MADISON CO., Ky. (WKYT) – A tornado, a snowstorm and now potential flooding is more than enough to get people in Union City to say “oh my God”.

“There was a huge pine tree across the street from the church, it’s been there for as long as I can remember. It was destroyed in the tornado, ”said Marty Sewell.

Volunteer firefighter and longtime Union City resident Marty Sewell shows how Saturday’s confirmed EF-1 tornado changed the community’s landscape. Like trees that are decades old …

“We actually had a few trees in our row of fences, you can also see some of the cedar he cut down.”

And owners of damaged buildings and Union City’s first responders had to find quick fixes.

“Our roof here had come off and our adjuster said it was our responsibility to avoid more damage, so we had to bend the metal and find a piece of metal to cover the holes.”

Less than a week after the tornado, the region was hit by the winter storm. Houses and barns with tarps from tree damage now faced a new threat – about 9 inches of snow.

“We just had to hope for the best and do what we could. “

A spirit of hope to which the community clings again. This time, they are preparing for heavy rains.

“A year ago a local church was flooded. They had to strip down to the walls to fix them and they are still not open. So there is also the fear of flooding in this little corner.

But Sewell and his neighbors will weather this storm as they did the others, together.

Sewell said they were able to feed 400 people in the community last week.

Provide lunch and dinner for those affected by the storms and volunteers helping to repair the damage.

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