Letter: Vail Mountain must be saved


My first visit to Vail was because a small group of friends from Virginia invited me to join them in January 2004 on one of their annual ski trips. I was captivated by the scenery, the snow and the je ne sais quoi of the whole place. I wanted to come back, so I fought over another invitation for next January.

In June 2006, I stuffed my earthly possessions into a Penske truck with a trailer for my car. My dog, one of my daughters and I embarked on a walk across the country, arriving in Edwards on Flag Day. Since then, I have enjoyed living, playing and working here. Made new friends from all over, became a skier, volunteered for the 2015 Alpine Skiing World Championships, enjoyed visiting children and grandsons – a lifetime. I laid roots.

This season, some of the friends who brought me here have returned for the first time since the pandemic. One of them said to me, “Is it me, or has Vail changed?”

I had to tell her it wasn’t her. I was horrified to see Vail Resorts exterminate a beautiful culture. A culture made up of people attached to the mountains and to each other. People who have inspired and helped make this community dream. Life and that special spirit was taken out of it.

Now it’s about making it big on Wall Street, New York City, not Vail City. It’s about the money, not the people who work here or enjoy being part of this community. New York has created a different expectation in the new guest who comes to Vail, the ski mountain named after a shrewd road engineer.

Marie Lamb Lucas



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