Late season storm brings snow to Sierra


SODA SPRINGS, Calif. (KTXL) — On the last day of winter, Mother Nature tried to get out with a bang.

Although the cloudy Sacramento Valley did not receive any noticeable rain on Saturday, there were light splashes in the foothills and a fast-moving storm brought a few inches of snow to the Sierra.

While the storm brought wet roads, the snow did not turn to ice on the roads, saving Sierra drivers from traffic headaches.

“It’s a nice change,” Sierra traveler Orn Ty told FOX40. “There was no chain control or anything, and there was no ice.”

Ty and his Rocklin family took advantage of the storm at Boreal Ski Resort.

“The snow is falling quite hard. At high altitude it hits you a little bit, it hurts a little bit, but at least the snow is a little soft,” Ty said.

Many other families also went to the Sierra for the weekend.

“It’s a beautiful day here. Fresh snow in March, can’t complain,” said Jack Yell, a Sierra traveler.

“It’s nice to have fresh snow,” said Brian Prachet, a Sierra traveler.

The latest winter storm collided with Boreal’s Subaru WinterFest.

Boreal officials said Saturday’s weather system exceeded their expectations.

“We were expecting about three inches of snow and about five has already fallen today,” said Tucker Norred, Boreal’s senior marketing manager.

It’s not yet clear what impact the storm will have on drought-stricken California, but the late-season weather gives local travelers a reason to celebrate.

“We had something early, then nothing for a long time. Something is better,” said Sierra traveler Sam Bakken.


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