Julian residents, businesses indifferent to the storm


JULIAN, Calif. — Residents of San Diego County’s mountain communities are dealing with high winds and lots of rain, but that’s not stopping people from heading out into town on Friday.

For the most part, people and businesses said they didn’t mind the rain, even enjoyed it.

“I love this weather, it’s a nice change from what’s going on, all the heat and everything,” Henry Contreras said.

Contreras comes from San Diego to freshen up at Julian.

“I’m just going to have a pie, enjoy the food, enjoy the weather,” Contreras said.

Contreras said the overall ride was not bad on Friday afternoon, but getting into Julian is a different story.

“Visibility is good all the way to the mountains, then it starts to drop,” Contreras said.

“We drove up the mountain and to see this madman out of nowhere is actually really weird,” said Eli Rosenau, a visitor from the Netherlands.

Rosenau says he’s used to a lot of rain and wind.

“This wind means nothing to us,” he said.

The rain doesn’t stop Rosenau from enjoying some of Julian’s best traits.

“And now we’re here for some hopefully really tasty pie and ice cream, because at Julian it’s true,” Rosenau said.

Some wineries, pubs and breweries closed on Friday due to rain and winds. While other businesses in Julian are in shock with customers due to the weather.

“When it’s cold, snowing or raining, we tend to be busier. People like to go up in the mountains for that fun time… hot pie, hot cider, hot coffee, it works,” said Oscar Miranda, manager of Moms Pies Etc.

“It’s just nice to get out there and not be bombarded by the heat, and just have nice weather and enjoy the scenery here,” Contreras said.

Julian Union’s high school and elementary districts closed early Friday for safety reasons.


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