‘It’s devastating’: Rockford farmer sees severe crop damage due to hailstorm


ROCKFORD, Wash. – Last week, the town of Liberty Lake saw golf ball-sized hail in the area. This unusual hailstorm caused severe damage to homes and properties.

Located about 15 miles outside the Spokane Valley, the hailstorm caused extensive damage to wheat crops. This delays their normal harvest schedule.

“10 days to two weeks late, normally in grass harvesting, we [would be] probably wrapping up or we’ll be done already,” said David Gady, a local farmer near Rockford. “Harvest is a stressful time anyway, you know the machines are turning, hiring, stuff like that. You think things are going well, and it adds up more.

From generation to generation, David Gady, who has been cultivating the same field for more than 30 years, has never seen anything like this hailstorm.

“I have been married for 30 years. I just used it for the guidelines. I haven’t seen a hailstorm in 30 years,” Gady said.

More than 300 acres of its winter wheat fields are unworkable. That means it’s a total loss after putting in all the effort for months.

“It’s your livelihood, and you rely on those crops, just like that. It just adds to the stress level of what you’re going to do next,” Gady said.

He added that he was glad his crop insurance covered most of the damage.

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