Is the 16-team college football playoff growing in popularity?


Bigger than 12 could enjoy in Mountain West

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A balloon playoff?!?

The playoff expansion discussion is back! At Big Ten media days, Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith told ESPN on Tuesday that talk of a possible 16-team college football playoff is growing.

This Expanded college football playoffs talking was beyond 12 teams.

“Sixteen just seems to be out there,” Smith said. “You can’t ignore it.”

Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez is also on board and seems fine with a 16-team field.

“I can live with 12, I can live with 16 – I just think we have to grow,” Alvarez said. “I think access is important. I can live with 16.

It’s a big change since the Big Ten, along with the Pac-12 and ACC ended an expanded playoff series in the past year. However, that was before the Big Ten attacked the Pac-12 to add USC and UCLA.

Even commissioner Kevin Warren has changed his tone. Warren previously wanted the Power 5 leagues to get automatic offers, and that was based on the fact that a Big Ten champion would have to be anyway.

As history has shown us, every year since the BCS, except for two, would have had every power league in a hypothetical 12-team playoff. The two off years were a weird expansion year when the AAC/Big East had an auto supply and the 2020 COVID-19 season.

Warren said Athleticism that he wants some kind of automatic auction, but he’s not sure what that would look like.

“I’m going to soften my stance on that,” Warren said. “I just feel like we have to give credit for the conference’s regular season success. Now, what that looks like, I don’t know.

We know exactly what that would look like and that’s the proposal put forward by the four-member playoffs committee last summer. The compromise was to give the six highest-rated conference champions an automatic bid. This would include the Big Ten each year for its champion.

That six could change with the Big Ten adding more teams and becoming more of a super conference. However, giving each conference more of a leg up would go a long way to keeping the sport national and allowing more teams to make the playoffs and, at the very least, compete for a national title.

We asked our Twitter followers which format they preferbut not everyone is on board.

The format itself with 16 teams would likely mean more on-campus games, which is a huge selling point for college football fans to see a warm-weather SEC team travel to the Big Ten country’s cold January. for a potential snow match.

If the final proposal were to be six conference champions and then 10 overall nominations, that would include at least one team from the five-man pool and possibly even two or in the third year if there are a few good ones.

A No. 1 against No. 16 would probably be a blowout and, for example, last year Alabama would have hosted Oklahoma, if we use the final college football playoff standings. The Crimson Tide would probably win this game, but it would be entertaining.

Also, in these rankings, BYU would have made the field alongside Cincinnati to give a spot to two teams outside of the Power 5.

More important to those in the Big Ten is that 16 teams in a field would provide more chances for general offers from those leagues. This would solve some issues with the sport as it contracts with bigger and bigger leagues.

Expanding the playoffs gives more teams hope of qualifying, even if a title is out of reach for that No. 10 team. However, it would lead to much more fun games. Conference title weekend would not only be a money grab, but automatic bidding would be won or lost that weekend.

Teams that stumble early could get hot late and make a run and earn a spot in the playoffs and have a shot at winning a title after a player is healthy or substituted due to performance.

The same four to seven teams could still go to the title game, but it would give hope – which is a very powerful thing – and over time it could eventually expand the talent at least enough that a team up or down blueblood wins a national title. .

It’s quite the turn of events from last year and more playoff access is only good for the Mountain West and the entire sport of college football.



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