Indispensable snow, rain soaks some mountain communities


GENESEE, Colo. (KDVR) – In the town of Genesee, it’s a sight for sore eyes. Patches of snow are visible on the ground, and some rain fell on Wednesday.

“I was grateful. I was grateful. It’s a gift. It lets the community relax knowing the summer is going to be long, hot and dry,” said Genesee resident Chris Nims.

Nims said about an inch of snow fell here a few days ago, just enough to keep fire danger low for now. However, his family is not taking any risks.

“We have take-out bags ready to go. Chances are we won’t be here if they order an evacuation,” Nims said.

The fire chief of this community was also happy to see snow. Genesee firefighters, who have helped fight numerous wildfires, say they will take all the moisture they can get.

“It was great with the snow and the rain. We’re taking a break to enjoy it,” said Genesee Fire Protection District Fire Chief Jason Puffett.

It’s a reprieve for now. But there are worrying trends.

“Year-to-date, we’ve already had 84. That’s a lot of red flag days. It’s so easy to just say another red flag day and become numb to it. It’s really important. We live in a high risk area. We have to take red flags seriously,” Puffett said.

Nims certainly is. He mixed his house. In the community, pruned tree branches and fallen limbs are also carried.

“We also had evacuation drills last summer where the whole community was involved,” Nims added.

Genesee is grateful for the snow and wetness this week. Many know that a harsh dry summer is ahead.


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