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Planning a family reunion during the winter can be difficult given the inhospitable weather that doesn’t allow for much outdoor activity and fun. But, for some families, winter is the best time to get everyone together before spring and summer break prevent family members from being able to attend. As such, thinking outside the box is key to finding ideal places to host a family reunion this winter.

To choose a venue for a family reunion, knowing how many family members are present is as important as knowing the audience. As such, if the gathering includes active adults, families with young and old children, and older adults, each of these groups should have activities and accommodations to suit their needs. But that said, many locals host family reunions and can even make recommendations if booked early enough. So the more varied the group, the earlier the planning, the better.

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Here are some great places to get together with the family this winter.

5 All inclusive hotels

One of the main advantages of choosing an all-inclusive resort, regardless of location, is that the price is set up front. So family members know what they’re getting out of their stay and can budget any extras they want to include accordingly.

According to TravelZap, when an all-inclusive resort stay is booked for a group, there are “numerous group incentives, discounts, travel benefits, and potentially complementary accommodations” that can be enjoyed. For some resorts, this means that when bulk booking over a certain amount, a substantial discount can be given on rooms. Others, it might mean hosting a specific family reunion event in a ballroom for a low fee that only requires guests to show up, rather than having to plan all the details.

The best part of all-inclusive resorts, however, is that food, most drinks, on-site activities, and more are all included in the bill. Those who want excursions can plan those and those who want to stay at the resort can participate in daily events there. But because most expenses are known in advance, family members who want to attend can budget, know what they’re comfortable spending and splurge when they want. .

4 Escape the cold

Those who live in climates where they experience snow, sleet, and freezing rain would likely appreciate having a family reunion in warmer regions. As such, perhaps a more temperate place would be fun for family gatherings where being outdoors is welcome rather than seen as a form of punishment.

Depending on how warm the majority of family members attending the reunion would like to be, looking at tropical locations that aren’t too far from a plane ride might be a good option. Those who live on or near the east coast may consider places like the Caribbean or surrounding islands, while those on the west coast may look to Hawaii or Mexico for their family reunion getaway.

However, if going to an island is too big a leap for some family members, looking into climates less prone to snow and frost can help those in the thick of the winter doldrums. So, according to Removals for seniorsplaces such as South Carolina, Florida, California, Arizona, Georgia and many more can be perfect meeting places since there is so much to do and there there is no freezing weather to face.

3 embrace the cold

Maybe the cold doesn’t bother the family and they rather like this time of year. However, a change of scenery and outdoor activities to do would be good. As such, embrace the cold and travel to places known to be cold in winter for a family reunion.

For families who love snow activities, according to US News and World Report, going to places like Colorado, California and New Hampshire will help families refuel. With resorts in multiple locations in every state, there’s a variety of things to do, from skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and more while the snow is on the ground to enjoy.

Locations in California, New York, Montana, Utah, Wisconsin, Canada and more are offering families the chance to ice fish for the day, according to Reader’s Digest. But these locals also allow for more family-friendly activities like dog sledding, outdoor bowling, sleigh rides, winter ziplining, and more. for whom the idea of ​​sitting on ice for dinner isn’t quite their idea of ​​fun.

2 To go on a cruise

For families who like the idea of ​​an all-inclusive experience but want to experience it on the open sea, a cruise provides an ideal family gathering spot.

With a variety of activities on board the ship, day trips to various ports, food on demand and nightly entertainment, there really isn’t much missing from the cruise experience. This is because people can choose their activity level based on what they want to do and families can be together for meals if activities and trips to ports are not suitable for all age groups.

The only downside to this place for a meeting is if people suffer from motion sickness. As such, if some are known to suffer from it, that would be where a cruise might not be the best choice for a family reunion.

1 Go abroad to discover the family heritage

Sometimes having a family reunion means going back to family roots. As such, going to a different country would make for an unforgettable family reunion.

Whether in Italy, Germany, England, Norway or wherever the family line originated, being able to take multiple generations to the birthplace of their ancestors would be an experience no one would forget. By contacting local historians, it is possible to trace the places where former relatives lived, as well as the family that still resides in the area. Doing all of this while immersing yourself in the local culture and history would not only provide a better understanding of the roots of the family, but also embrace the traditions to bring home and become part of daily life as well. .

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