Hotter tomorrow and Thursday; Snowy Friday: Storm Center PM update – Tuesday, December 7


Fairly extensive snow fell overnight and this morning, but the amounts were very light. Only a few tenths of an inch fell in Sioux Falls and southeastern South Dakota. Snowfall was heaviest in northeastern South Dakota to western Minnesota. Watertown received 4 to 5 inches of snow and other parts of Codington County received more than five inches. Snow amounts impacted temperatures across KELOLAND this afternoon, with the coldest temperatures found in areas with snow cover.

2:00 p.m.

Tonight it will be cold, especially where there is snow. Even small amounts – like what was received in Sioux Falls – will be fresher. The lows will be in the teenage years at around 20 degrees, with a very light breeze.

Tomorrow will be partly cloudy, with a southerly breeze starting to warm up. Highs will be in the mid-1930s at East River – near normal for this time of year. West and central South Dakota, at the tip of a warm front, is expected to go 40s to 50s.

There will be a breeze Wednesday night and even Thursday, as the winds shift from the northwest. But it will be kind of a warming wind, so the highs should hit the low in the mid 40s.

A system of snow from Colorado will sweep KELOLAND on Friday. The heaviest snowfall will occur along the Nebraska border, then across southeastern South Dakota and southern Minnesota as the system moves away northeast. Currently, it does not appear that the winds are excessively strong with this system. Given the current trajectory of the system – certainly subject to change – we are looking at roughly half an inch in central and northeastern South Dakota (Aberdeen, Pierre). Rapid City looks like 1 to 3 “. Sioux Falls currently envisions 2 to 4 inches of snowfall, with greater amounts south of Sioux Falls and southwestern Minnesota in northwest Iowa. Keep an eye out on the forecast of lane changes, any northward movement bringing larger quantities.

Whatever snow we have, it will have an impact on our weekend temperatures. Saturday and Sunday promise to be rather sunny but not very hot. Morning lows will be in the teens and afternoon highs in the 1930s. Sunday will be the hottest day of the week, and we’ll probably be melting snow. We envision a 1930s where there is snow cover and 40s on Sunday where there should be little or no snow cover left.


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