Homewood Mountain, Calif., Continues Plan to Switch to Members-Only Model


After 60 years of operations, changes are coming to Homewood. Credit: skihomewood.com

As stated earlier, Homewood Mountain is continuing its plan to move to a members-only model.

Over the past decade, the number of season ticket holders has grown from 2,800 in 2012 to 1,800 last season. The 35% drop comes on top of an overall 40% drop in skier visits. The reason for the drop is directly related to traffic on surrounding highways. Larger resorts like Palisades Tahoe and Northstar California Resort draw large numbers of skiers, making it difficult to get to Homewood farther south on the western shore of the lake.

Sales of day tickets also fell. The resort had days last season where they didn’t even sell a day ticket. There were also days when less than 100 skiers were on the slope.

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The day jumper model just doesn’t work for Homewood. Credit: skihomewood.com

Moving to a members-only model will create a more sustainable revenue stream. Members will enjoy a year-round experience that plans to include summer hiking and mountain biking.

Anyone interested in becoming a Homewood member is eligible, not just people living nearby. However, locals can get a discount on their dues.

The model change will not take place immediately, but probably in the next few years. The station is still seeking community feedback to decide exactly how the perks will work.

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There will be small changes to the pass holder program for the 2023-24 ski season and major changes the following year. Credit: skihomewood.com


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