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The disadvantages of getting a real christmas tree are that you will have to buy a new one every year and spend hours caring for it throughout the season. Take a artificial christmas tree, and it will last (almost) forever and you will have almost no mess to deal with. You can find many amazing artificial Christmas trees online, from pre-lit 12 foot trees that command an entire ballroom-sized entryway to table-sized pine trees decorated with a constellation of glitter.

No matter what you choose, your new artificial Christmas tree is sure to spread the holiday cheer (as opposed to, you know, actual dirt and debris). Below are 10 of the best places to buy artificial Christmas trees this season.

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1. Target


Price: ??

Target is the perfect place to start when starting your quest for an artificial Christmas tree. The mega retailer offers several ways to buy them: by height from under four feet to over eight feet, by price under $ 25 to $ 150, by type of decor and by type of branch from pre-lit to flocked. artificial snow.

In Target’s section dedicated to artificial Christmas trees, you also have the opportunity to browse ornaments, skirts and tree stands, lights, decorations and more. The all-in-one kits which include matching ornament sets and tree storage make Target a great first stop to turn your living room into a true winter wonderland.

Buy artificial Christmas trees at Target

2. Amazon


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You were going to buy all your other festive gifts anyway, from decorations to gifts on Amazon, why not add a splendid artificial Christmas tree to the basket? It might seem intimidating to sift through its over 2,000 options, but the navigation bar makes it easy. Search by brand, price, height, width, color, bulb type, number of lights, decorating style and more. With these kinds of incredibly nuanced search terms, you’ll be well on your way to a tree so specific to you and your family, it feels tailor-made.

One of the best things about buying artificial trees on Amazon is that there are many individual product pages that have customizable features, from height to light in color. So if you are particularly married to a brand (National Tree Company regularly gets rave reviews, for example), you may find more than what is initially featured on the homepage.

Buy Artificial Christmas Trees on Amazon

3. Walmart


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Walmart does a terrific job of helping you find the perfect artificial Christmas tree. Its Christmas tree offerings lean on the whimsical and fun side, allowing you to create a unique holiday atmosphere that matches your usual home decorating style. Among over 1000 options, search by height, tree type, brand, price and shipping speed, and even various features such as eco-friendliness.

For $ 79 and $ 99 respectively, you can add tree assembly and transportation service to your order. Note that third-party sellers may have different shipping and return policies than Walmart, so do a quick background check before adding to cart.

Buy artificial Christmas trees at Walmart

4. The Home Depot

The reception deposit.

Price: ??

When in doubt, trust America’s largest home improvement store to enhance your artificial Christmas tree shopping experience. The retailer allows you to sort its 4,800 options by shape, brand, height, price, lighting functions such as flicker and pulsation, type of lighting such as LED or low voltage, color family, tree species, etc.

If you’re a visual learner, you’ll appreciate the full table that comes with each tree, specifying everything from the number of spikes to the level of realism, to the number of lights, and more. Assembly information is also available directly on the page. The “Frequently Bought Together” section on each product page provides helpful suggestions to make your experience even easier, from proper storage to matching string lights. Protection plans are available from Allstate, which you may find helpful in the event of defects or the need for repairs and replacements.

Shop Artificial Christmas Trees At Home Depot

5. Bed bath and beyond

Bed bath and beyond.


Bed Bath & Beyond offers a fine selection of Christmas trees. Among nearly 1,000 beauties to choose from, you are bound to find one that will brighten up your living room (and your heart!). Search by style, from traditional to glamorous, size, brand, color, price, width and height.

Where the retailer shines is its commitment to merging interior design with Christmas trees – just look at the range of trees available in planters which make it a comfortable and luxurious addition to any living room. You can also take advantage of interest-free payment plans with Klarna and Afterpay, as well as Bed Bath & Beyond’s price comparison program.

Buy artificial Christmas trees at Bed Bath & Beyond

6. The fair


Price: ??

Wayfair’s selection of artificial Christmas trees is extensive. Fortunately, the retailer’s helpful navigation tools are here to help. Search by size, shape, needle color, tree characteristics like pre-decorated or cashmere coated tips, realism, number of branches, tree family like pine, fir, spruce and cedar , plus easy setup options like Instant Lights or 60 Second Assembly.

The “complete the look” section on each page offers decorating recommendations that could pair well with a particular tree, from a set of gold-plated candlesticks to an electric fireplace. Be sure to check out the comments section not only for reviews from other buyers, but for photos of the trees themselves. It will help you imagine what the tree could look like in your home, without having to rely on a brand’s marketing photo.

Buy artificial Christmas trees from Wayfair

7. Michel


Price: ??

Michaels has long been a trusted source for everything creative, so if you’re looking for a Pinterest-worthy tree, look no further. Screen over 1,300 trees by size, shape, color, brand, type of lighting such as fiber optic or incandescent, bulb color, price and more.

While many trees sport a traditional aesthetic – think Douglas Fir-style plush trees with metal stands and clear lights – these are “holiday favorites,” as the retailer calls them, that add a unique touch. to your festivities. inspired ornaments and collectibles you won’t find anywhere else, or follow the ‘complete the look’ instructions on each product page for traditional bulbs and skirts. size and style.

Buy artificial Christmas trees from Michaels

8. Lowe’s


Price: ??

Search among Lowe’s 4,500 trees by height, size, bulb type, branch material like metal or plastic, light color, and more. Each tree’s specs are super easy to navigate, as Lowe’s simply ticks off every criterion that the tree meets, from on / off foot switches to replacement bulbs and included fuses. With so many beautiful options to choose from, be sure to check out the purchase guide to help you choose an artificial tree that’s right for you.

Note that Lowe’s gets a little sneaky when it comes to checkout: Each product page includes several other holiday accessories (billed as a ‘collection’) like ticked ornaments or pillows ready to be added to your. basket. If you’re only interested in the tree, be sure to uncheck each box before you checkout.

Buy artificial Christmas trees at Lowe’s

9. West Elm

Western elm.

Price: ??

West Elm is an upscale home store – even celebrities buy their furniture from the posh retailer. Luckily, however, her faux Christmas tree shop has plenty of amazing options for well under $ 200. Find your perfect tree by searching by height, color, tree type like pre-lit or table top and price.

In keeping with the brand’s ability to not only keep up with trends but also create them, West Elm is full of unusual options, from icy white minimalist trees to glitzy pop-up trees that lay flat for easy storage. The “you may also need” section on each product page has helpful recommendations to make your tree even more amazing, with product descriptions and overviews that are both informative but simple enough that they don’t feel overwhelming. Still stuck? Book a free design appointment with an expert to find an artificial tree that will fit perfectly into your living space.

Buy artificial Christmas trees in West Elm

10. Kohl’s


Price: ??

Kohl’s inventory of artificial Christmas trees is as impressive as the rest of its offerings. Browse hundreds of trees by height, type as potted or colored, brand, rating, price, color, type of light and more. The retailer is a true one-stop-shop since you can grab everything from a set of matching trees and wreaths to all the fairy lights and brackets to top off the festive look.

Each product description is informative enough to help you make up your mind, clearly indicating what is included in the box, and offering tree alternatives on hand at the bottom if your selection does not suit you. The best part, however, is that Kohl’s makes it easy to save by showing the coupon code that you can use to take advantage of some savings directly below the retail price, so you don’t have to do a lot of research to be able to afford your dream tree.

Buy artificial Christmas trees at Kohl’s

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