Here are 27 places to eat, drink and smell lavender


Newberg Lavender Trail events run through July and due to our wet spring, many of the U-farms are extending tours into August.

NEWBERG, Oregon – It’s a magical time in Oregon’s wine country right now. July and early August are the months when the lavender fields are in full bloom. Violets, roses, even white flowers and all their beautiful scents are on display.

The Newberg Lavender Trail worth a visit for restaurants offering lavender-infused dishes, desserts, and cocktails. Even cafes and art galleries are getting into it. Several lavender farms are also on the route to explore and cut flowers to take home, or learn how to make a wreath.

Marilyn Kosel owned Wayward Winds Lavender Farm at Newberg for over 11 years. It’s a U-shaped farm with several large fields of lavender plantations – even a lavender maze to navigate. She organizes wreath making classes, sensory classes for children and there is a butterfly release party this month. The farm has a list of events on their website.

At the back of the farm, Kosel has a trial garden where she explores growing new varieties of lavender sizes and colors from around the world to see what works best in our climate.

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Kosel owned a nursery decades ago, but fell in love with lavender when she saw it being planted en masse.

“It’s very joyful. It makes people happy, and I love that,” she said.

The Newberg Lavender Trail includes a collection of 27 places to go and things to do and eat – all flower-related, all month long.

Lavender farms, including Chehalem Apartments Farm, are free to visit and Wayward Winds has plenty of playfully colored props and furniture to take the perfect photo. There are twin tubs in which couples sat and held hands for a photo overlooking the fields in bloom. Or a 1953 Chevy truck parked in another field, perfect for putting high school pictures in the back or posing next to the family.

Wayward Winds charges professional photographers $50 to book a session, and most photographers like to book sunrise or sunset times.

There are also treats! Flavored Italian sodas and snow cones are made by the staff at a small wooden stand in the middle of the fields. There’s also a small outdoor market filled with everything Kosel and his team make from scratch on the farm. This includes scone mixes, flavored jams, syrup, honeys, and even flavored chocolate sauces. Plus soaps and lotions, and of course, loose lavender for sachets.

But it’s the U-shaped aspect of bringing this beautiful scent home with you. Kosel explained the right way to do it.

“When [you’re] cut the lavender you want to reach and grab a handful. And you want to cut the stems off as long as you can, but leave some green on the plant,” she said.

At $7.50 a bouquet, the fragrance will last for years in the dried flowers.

Check the calendar of events on the Taste Newberg page

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