Helicopter saves entire expedition from world’s 7th highest mountain


Helicopters rushed to rescue 25 people from Dhaulagiri base camp after heavy snowfall blanketed the area.

On Sunday, a 23-member trekking expedition and two other tourists had to be rescued at Dhaulagiri base camp (15,091 feet), with helicopters evacuate 17 Nepalese expedition personnel and eight visiting trekkers in nearby Jomsom, Nepal, Mount Everest today reported.

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Heavy snowfall forced large-scale rescue in Gandaki province in western Nepal as a trekking expedition went wrong. The district police office reported rescuing the group, which had left Kathmandu in early November.

According to the report, a local tourism agency left on November 8 with four Belgian clients. On November 11, two Spanish customers joined in the fun.

Dhaulagiri, the seventh highest mountain in the world at 26,794 feet, is 186 miles from Kathmandu by road. The trek requires more than 10,000 feet of elevation gain.

Trekking in Dhaulagiri
Dhaulagiri, seen from Poon Hill in Nepal; (photo / Gerd Eichmann)

a sherpa reported this snow began to fall on the group at French Pass. When they reached base camp, two unguided Spanish tourists joined them. At one point, snow and bad weather overwhelmed the group and a helicopter rescue ensued.

No further details are available – although all 25 people were successfully rescued, their condition is unknown. In total, the local police carried out three rescues by helicopter in the area of ​​the Dhaulagiri base camp. in the last month. Heavy snowfall played a role every incident.

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