Heartland boys help lend neighbors a helping hand after winter storm


JACKSON, Mo. (KFVS) – A Jackson couple want to shine the spotlight on their neighbors who helped out after the winter storm. They say people did it, without any help being asked of them.

“They gave us the money back in there,” said Robert Horvatich

Words are hard to miss.

“Thank you for the money, but we don’t need it,” said Constance Horvatich.

They are highlighted in bright yellow, on the same envelope with the money that Constance and Robert Horvatich gave to some neighbors who helped clear their driveway during the winter storm.

“These 3 little boys came over with their snow shovels and started digging me up. I tried everything, tried to put a rug under the wheels. I thought, ‘oh Bob is going to kill me’” , said Ms. Horvatich.

“The boys, they helped her a lot. I mean they were going everywhere and talking nicely to him, I’m sure,” Mr Horvatich said.

Ms Horvatich shared after being convinced she and her husband sent the 3 helpers with money.

Soon after, they came back with all the money they had given them. She said it was a surprise they didn’t expect.

“It’s like I can’t believe these kids did it out of the goodness of their hearts,” Mr Horvatich said.

The couple couldn’t leave without showing gratitude, so Ms Horvatich baked something they couldn’t deny, cookies

Mr. and Mrs. Horvatich said they were happy to see their joy in seeing people with kind and genuine hearts. They said the boys’ parents should be proud.

“It shows us that there is hope for the future,” Mr. and Mrs. Horvatich said.

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