Headlines: snow in Colorado, California pass closed due to snow, opening of Japanese borders, etc.

Dump at Loveland!

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Sonora Pass is currently closed.

State Route 108/Sonora Pass was closed due to ice and snow.

Travelers are advised to research alternative routes.

To read the full article: 9624′ SR 108 Sonora Pass, CA, closed due to ice and snow

image: nik cards
image: cards by nik

The dark green blocks in the maps above represent US Census blocks where the reported population is zero.

These maps above show us, in green, where nobody lives in the USA. We often think we can’t get away from people, but you can get into really uninhabited areas if you head west.

For the full article: Brain Post: Map of Where NOBODY Lives in the USA | 47% of the United States is uninhabited

Dump at Loveland! (09/15/22)

It’s snowing! Colorado ski areas are getting their first real glimpse of winter this morning as snow falls in the mountains.

For more photos: [PHOTOS] It’s snowing in Colorado’s ski resorts

skier powder
A skier in Niseko, photo: SkiJapan.com

Good news for Japow car lovers local news channels in Japan report that Japan will fully reopen its borders to international tourists from “blue list” countries in October. Two years ago, the Japanese Foreign Ministry created strict border restrictions for international travelers and, as part of this, created blue, yellow and red lists to rank countries based on their perceived covid-19 risk to Japan. Tourists are currently only allowed on the blue list – countries considered to be at low risk of Covid-19 transmission. The United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Switzerland and most EU countries are on this blue list.

Full article here: Japan set to fully reopen its borders in October

binding step
Supermatic binding. Credit: nidecker.com

For years, snowboarders have struggled with traditional two-strap bindings that are bulky and slow to put on. It was a necessary evil that you had to take extra time to tighten your straps every time you got off the elevator. It’s even more boring on a powder day when everyone is poaching the fresh slopes.

For more details: This self-closing, two-strap Step-In binding is what snowboarders have been waiting for

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