Greater Manchester beauty spot named one of the best places in the UK to hike in winter


A beauty spot at Saddleworth Moor has been named one of the best places to hike this winter.

The experts at outdoor goods retailer Blacks have picked their favorite great winter hikes – and The Trinnacle came out as one of the best.

The three-pronged sandstone formation rises above the Greenfield Valley, Dovestone Reservoir and Yeoman Hey Reservoir.

It is part of the Trinnacle Trail, a 7.9km loop offering views of both reservoirs and the beautiful scenery of the Peak District.

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And it’s easy to see why the destination is so popular; its position on the border of Oldham makes it one of the most easily accessible countryside locations for residents of Greater Manchester.

Photographer Joe Dambra, who recommended the route, says the landmark is certainly worth a visit – especially at sunset, when the views are particularly spectacular.

The Trinacle

He said: “I personally like to start the hike from the Binn Green car park. From there you go clockwise past the Greenfield reservoir and then up the stream to the moors. Follow the moors for about 20 minutes and you will have arrived at the Trinnacle.”

Joe adds: “The scenery here is spectacular, especially when you reach the top. The walk itself is fairly easy except for the creek climb (especially in the snow). There are great views for enjoy the whole way; however, the view from the Trinnacle itself is my favorite!”

He encourages new adventurers looking to take up hiking in the snow to invest in snow cleats.

Joe also recommends taking plenty of breathable layers, as hiking uphill can get you warm very quickly – but you’ll feel the cold once you stop moving.


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