First storm of the new winter season expected this weekend


Environment Canada is encouraging Manitobans to prepare for the first winter storm of the season.

At 1:43 p.m. today, Environment Canada issued a special weather statement for most of Manitoba. Indicating that the storm is expected to affect parts of the province starting Sunday and continuing through Monday.

The special weather statement is issued for:

  • RM of Cornwallis west of Shilo incl. Chat, man.
  • Mun. from Oakland-Wawanesa incl. Carroll, man.
  • Mun. from North Cypress-Langford incl. Neepawa and Carberry, Man.
  • Mun. of Glenboro-South Cypress incl. Treesbank, Man.
  • Mun. from North Norfolk incl. MacGregor Sidney and Austin, Man.
  • Mun. of Norfolk Treherne, Man.
  • MR of Victoria incl. Holland and Cypress River, Man.
  • Mun. meadow incl. Hartney and Minto, Man.
  • Mun. of Boissevain-Morton incl. Turtle Mtn Prov. Park, man.
  • Killarney – Pilot Mound – Manitou, Man.
  • Mun. from Glenella-Lansdowne incl. Arden and Tenby, Man.
  • Mun. from WestLake-Gladstone incl. Plumas and Langruth, Man.

“We see that the general pattern that the Prairies were under, until about yesterday, has really shifted and dissipated,” says Natalie Hasell, meteorologist in charge of warning preparedness. “So now we’re in a pattern where low pressure systems, instead of moving very far north or very far south of us, will actually cross the northern prairies or plains and affect the Canadian prairies.”

Parts of Manitoba may receive 5 to 15 cm of snow, however, due to snow melt and compaction, total snowfall is uncertain.

Precipitation will begin early Sunday morning with some areas receiving rain and other areas receiving snow throughout the day and into Monday. Freezing rain will also affect parts of Manitoba.

There is also a risk of blackouts and power outages during the storm.

Manitobans are warned of reduced visibility when traveling on highways, icy roads due to freezing rain, and heavy accumulation of wet snow and ice on infrastructure, especially above the Riding Mountains and in North Interlake.

“It’s a good reminder that it’s not a good time to prepare for the next season, it will give us a bit of a taste of that, but maybe people can collect some kits. If they already have an emergency kit, which is fantastic, check that nothing is expired, check that the contact lists in it are always up to date. you can go to and it will give you a lot of information including what you need in an emergency kit for your home and what you need in an emergency kit for your car Not all emergencies are weather-related, but the emergency kit will help you deal with whatever comes your way and make things a little easier for you around your home.”

Please continue to monitor alerts and forecasts issued by Environment Canada. To report severe weather, email [email protected] or tweet the reports using #MBStorm.

More weather details can be found here.

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