Fire on the mountain 6/26

West Side Story

Thanks for reading and following my story as I learned to write, edit and communicate. I’m also grateful for the comments and to reply, it’s about the wildfire in New Mexico called Calf Canyon/Hermit’s Peak and I don’t know if the apostrophe belongs. I said west side in the caption because it’s Santa Fe in the photo from yesterday afternoon. It’s raining now and has gone through the night here and the Forest Service just reported an 85% containment line on the fire. The rain helps. The fire is on the other side of the mountain, it rains a little less there.

It can also present difficult situations where running water reaches flood stages on burns which now act differently by absorbing water. I have something called blue gamma grass on my land that is very deep rooting and will turn green now that some rain has come. The amount that comes back into the burn scar can make a big difference in soil health and so far the rain has been gentle and steady in a fair way. Water is life in the desert and we are in the high desert.

The news is good and we still have an announcement pending release, but not yet, maybe by the time we get the first footage of Webbs the Twelfth, it looks like we were born out of fire…. Drones for thermal mapping are used in the observation, but the remaining 15% are steep and difficult landscapes and I think only boots on the ground can definitively determine containment. Containment has not come out, at least totally. Indoor hotspots can survive rain and snow, by golly we started it on 4/6 almost 90 days ago. It’s a good news day that I look forward to for everyone as well.

Around the state, they are opening trails and national forest areas with only fire zones closed. It is the Pecos/Las Vegas District of the Santa Fe National Forest and the Camino Rael Ranger District of the Carson National Forest that remain closed, and the Midnight Fire area. Some of us think it’s a bit too early, but I certainly realize there are many areas unaffected by the fire. People are eager to have fun in the summer and have done without so much these Covid years.
Thank you universe for the rain.


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