Families are already heading to Big Bear after storm brings fresh snow and early winter magic – NBC Los Angeles


Families are already starting to have fun on the holidays after Big Bear saw several inches of snowfall and added inches to the water level of Big Bear Lake, thanks to Tuesday’s storm.

The lake had been depleted by years of worsening drought, but after the storm water district officials said the water level had risen 6 inches.

That’s 16.5 feet below capacity, and the last time it was at normal levels was 2011. Tony Shin reports from Big Bear Marina August 19, 2022.

It’s an inclination you’ve probably had while heading down the twisty roads. Although still miles from their final destination of Big Bear, some families couldn’t resist the urge to stop a little early and engage in snowball fights with the fresh powder.

Unfortunately, it’s usually the dads who get beat up when the snowballs fly.

“I liked the snow when I was younger. Not so much when I was older,” said Father Noukone Phommavongsa, a Riverside resident who was bombarded by his children.

And it’s not just foreigners who are looking forward to snowfall.

“We love all seasons at Big Bear, but winter is definitely our favorite because it’s just magical. There’s something magical about the snow. happened later,” Big Bear resident Tiffany Keliinoi said.

But the powerful storm that blanketed the mountains also caused big problems, including icy roads and power outages caused by downed power lines. It made for an eventful night for Irene Mullen.

“It was pretty scary last night. We actually didn’t have power all night, so it was interesting to cuddle up in,” said San Diego resident Irene Mullen.

She and her husband Drew traveled from San Diego with their daughter Sophie. They’re vacationing in Big Bear before Drew gets deployed to the Navy, and this heavy snowfall couldn’t be a better parting gift.

“Magic. It’s like the start of Christmas for us,” she said.

If you plan to drive to Big Bear, remember to bring snow chains, as some roads are still quite icy.

“It took about two and a half hours to get up here, but it’s worth it once you get up here and see the snow. You forget that long drive,” said Los Angeles resident Alex Salgado.

The Bear Valley Unified School District also closed schools Wednesday in snowy weather.


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