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When I feel there has been a delay in answering my prayers, God reminds me of last year’s trip to Colorado with two daughters, a son-in-law, and four granddaughters.

My daughter Monique planned the vacation which promised snow-related activities. As our plane landed, my daughter Lauren said, “I don’t see any snow.

“We’re not there yet,” Monique said.

My son-in-law Frank came from the rental parking lot in a vehicle that we filled up. He and Monique were seated in front, Caroline, 2, was seated between Lauren and me in the second seat, and the other three granddaughters were in the third.

“I still don’t see any snow,” Lauren said.

“We’re two hours away,” Monique said.

Once out of Denver, we heard Lauren again: “All I see are red rocks. No snow.”

“Wait. We’re on our way,” Monique said.

Some form of this conversation was repeated until Caroline, affected by the increased altitude, began throwing up vomit.

I grabbed wipes and whatever else I could find from the carry-on wedged between the seat and my legs and started cleaning up. Lauren curled up in a fetal position, now just staring at the rocks, and covered her nose and mouth.

Caroline settled down when snow-capped mountains appeared. Lauren was impressed and over the next few days repeated versions of “It’s so beautiful.” I’m moving here.

As the rest of us sat in the hot tub one night, Lauren, dressed in the Elsa costume and wig she had packed, burst onto the patio singing “Let It Go.”

We enjoyed the activities as Monique promised, but had to go through some rocky places and deal with Caroline to get there.

Sometimes in life you encounter difficult and messy places to access the mountain top experiences you are praying for.

Ask Lawrence.

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