‘EERIE-SISTIBLE SIGHTS’: Where to find the spookiest Halloween spots in Cambridge?

This is where friends and family can find the coolest Halloween decorations in Cambridge.

Journalist Maria Rosales Gerpe has collected tips from Cambridge Times readers to highlight where friends and family can enjoy eerie sights this Halloween weekend in the city of Cambridge.


Queenston Road

Dragons, ghosts and floating pumpkins are some of the spooky inflatables that light up the night on Queenston Road in East Preston. Take your bike or go for a walk with the children to marvel at the unsightly sites!


Aberdeen Road

Each year, residents of Aberdeen Road choose a theme to decorate their homes for Halloween. This year’s theme is fairy tales. Neighbors have mastered their pumpkin carving skills by creating sculptures of many well-known folktales like Snow White. See if you can recognize all the fairy tales. Be sure to get lost in the enchanted street and look for the flying witch!

Cambridge residents have set up a Google map of a 24 minute drive including many spooky Galt sights.


Avenue Rife

Friends and family are sure to feast on the spooky decorations of skeletons emerging from the ground.

Kerwood Boardwalk

Big fan of the series “Stranger Things”? Be sure to stop by Kerwood Drive, where a sculpture of Max levitates next to Vecna, the villain from the show’s final season.

Fiddlesticks and Clemens Mill

Dellgrove Circle is home to the Pumpkin Queen (Twitter name: @PumpkinQueenK), who, if you’ve been following her royal highness on Twitter, got busy in October preparing her majestic pumpkin creations. This year’s theme may ring a bell!

Arthur Fach Drive

Stop in the country before time at Arthur Fach Drive. Tyrannosaurus rex will be goblin candy all night long!

Coulthard Boulevard

According to Carla Silva, her house is “the scariest house in Cambridge”. Every year, Silva and her two children spend five hours preparing a screaming good time for passers-by. Visit if you dare.

Saginaw Boardwalk

Inflatables and spooky floating candles will mesmerize any trick or treater.

Cambridge-wide Halloween Howl

All Exchange of ideas locations will also be hosting scavenger hunts and providing special treat bags while supplies last. It’s free for everyone.


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