During the winter storm, CSRA residents sit and enjoy the snow


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) — When wintry weather rolled through CSRA Friday night, many residents heeded expert advice to stay off the roads.

Instead, they stayed home and enjoyed the show.

Freezing rain, sleet and even snow fell in varying amounts from Warren County to Appling, Grovetown to Augusta and Aiken.

Many children have had their first up close look at the snow. And even the sleet brought out the excitement.

Snowball fights broke out and miniature snowmen took shape on garden patios, car hoods and even front lawns. And though the snowmen and snowballs were mostly made of sleet, no one seemed to care because it was close enough to snow to lift the spirits.

The photos captured children’s faces with expressions ranging from joy to bewilderment as they experienced snow for the first time. The dogs being walked in the white stuff hardly knew what to do with themselves. A CSRA resident named Jordan even tested her juggling skills with snowballs.

The children were well prepared for the storm, with many getting out of school early – if they even had to go to campus; some school districts have opted for a home learning day on Fridays.

The storm started as a rainy day. Then, as the temperatures dipped below freezing, the rain began to form crusts as ice on the ground. Freezing rain and then ice pellets quickly began to fall in many areas, turning to snow in places. Reports varied across the CSRA on the amount accrued.

Light rain was expected to continue overnight with sub-freezing temperatures through early Saturday.

The winter mix was expected to move east from CSRA after 3 a.m., but temperatures will be cold enough to create black ice on many roads Saturday morning.

Crews in Georgia and South Carolina was on the road for much of Friday preparing them with brine to prevent ice forming, but that was made difficult by the rain that had been falling all day.

Drivers have been urged to stay off the roads if possible until Saturday morning until temperatures return above freezing. If you must drive, experts say to stay below the speed limit and not follow the driver in front of you too closely. And allow extra time to get to your destination.

High temperatures will reach 40 degrees by Saturday afternoon, which will help melt the ice.

Temperatures will drop back below freezing late Saturday through early Sunday with lows in the mid 20s. Sunday afternoon highs will warm to near 50 with mostly sunny skies.

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