Dallas Animal Shelter Thanks Community For Adopting Pets After Winter Storm


The Dallas community answered the call to adopt pets as their shelter overflowed during last week’s winter storm, the city’s Director of Animal Services, MeLissa Webber, said.

“They really showed up,” Webber said. “We were really concerned about the weather that people weren’t going to be able to come to us, but they came.”

As the ice and snow melted, people adopted 74 dogs and 11 cats over the weekend. People also took in 11 dogs. At the same time, 73 dogs and 17 cats entered the Dallas animal shelter. However, the refuge no longer overflows.

“Thanks to the public, we have some respite again,” agency spokeswoman Leah Backo said in an email on Tuesday.

Webber said the shelter was at capacity before the winter storm hit. The shelter had to take in more pets to protect them from sub-freezing temperatures, and it wasn’t bringing animals out because people couldn’t travel on icy roads to adopt and foster.

Webber warned at the time that without community support, the shelter would face “very difficult euthanasia decisions, which we all desperately want to avoid.”

Backo said capacity was still high but was better than last week. Last Friday, only 3% of large dog kennels were available, compared to 18% on Tuesday.

But Backo said Thursday the shelter’s numbers have been steadily increasing again this week. Kennels available for medium and large dogs have dropped to 13%.

Webber said it’s the continued support of the community that makes the shelter successful.

“We’re over the line this time around, but we constantly see pets coming into the shelter, so we constantly have to find adopters for them,” Webber said.

Backo said the shelter will continue to offer free adoptions this week. Curbside or in-person adoptions are available at two Dallas Animal Services locations: the Main Shelter at 1818 N. Westmoreland Road in West Dallas and the PetSmart Everyday Adoption Center at 16821 North Coit Road in Far North Dallas.

Find more information at BeDallas90.org.


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