Crews in Hebron prepare for emergency calls during winter storm this weekend | Connecticut News


HEBRON, CT (WFSB) – Emergency crews in Hebron are preparing for an expected northeast this weekend.

Emergency medical services and fire department personnel say they have had their eyes on the storm since the start of the week.

The fuel tanks are full and the chains will soon be hooked up.

“The roller chains slip on the outer tire. And that’s what gives us traction in the snow. So basically this loop would come up and over the tire wrap all the way around and then it would hook on one end,” said Hebron Fire Chief Peter Starkel.

Due to the expected amount of snow, Starkel called to get the chains out.

All fire trucks and ambulances will put them in four-wheel drive.

“Well, we’re lucky it’s been a storm over the weekend. So we don’t really have to deal with rush hours and school openings, so that’s a plus,” said Andrew Tierney, Hebron City Manager and President of the Association of streets and highways of Connecticut.

Tierney hopes people will stay indoors if the weather turns bad.

This will facilitate the passage of snowplow trucks and emergency personnel.

“If the event gets bigger, we have a command center right in the fire station. We will have staff staged here. And our command post will work directly with emergency management, public works, city hall and the police.

If the situation worsens, crews will have to sleep at the station on Friday evening to be ready for calls on Saturday.

“We will usually have two, three, four people at each station in the event of a storm just because we are a combined department. We have volunteers who come from our area.

The leader adds that you can help them by keeping your sidewalks shoveled in case they need to roll over on a stretcher.

Also be aware of carbon monoxide poisoning and your heaters.

Officials say if you have a real emergency, remember to call 911, the chains will be attached and ready to go.


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