Coolest photos and videos from last night’s thunderstorm in Calgary


From one extreme to the other, Alberta has a reputation for fickle weather – but snow, rain and thunderstorms? They never get old! The truth is, we’ll never get tired of bright lights and big booms – and last night we saw something quite amazing.

All over town, jr. meteorologists and spectators had a front row seat in front of an electric display that reminded us, once again, that Mother Nature is THE boss. If you missed it though, here’s a quick visual recap of Calgary’s savage Aug. 22 storm, courtesy of folks on social media.

Like most storms, this one began with a severe thunder warning issued in the Calgary area.

Then once the clouds settled in, settled in and got darker – things brightened up like the 4th of July…. It made us crave a really bad hot dog.

Thankfully, however, no one was reported injured – and for that we can be grateful.

Please continue to be careful and smart out there, YYC. A storm is no joke in Calgary and it certainly wasn’t the last.

Here’s to a wild summer with nutty weather and amazing photos! It won’t be long before we get hit with another good one.


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