Closing stormwater drainage pits in Chennai : Anbumani Ramadoss


CHENNAI: PMK Chairman Anbumani Ramadoss on Sunday urged the state government to close the pits dug to place stormwater drainage pipes in Chennai.

“To place the storm drain pipes, pits have been dug in several areas of Chennai but works have been carried out for several weeks. The Greater Chennai Corporation is so negligent that rain water and drainage water have began to accumulate in the pits.

Pits near schools, hospitals and residential compounds have turned into mosquito breeding centers and led to the spread of disease. One cannot deny that the pits are also the reason for the recent spread of fever among students in schools in Chennai,” Anbumani said, in a series of tweets.

The Company is involved in laying stormwater drainage pipes to prevent flooding during the northeast monsoon season and the state government had planned to complete the works before the onset of the monsoon, d here the third week of October. However, work in several areas was not completed as planned.

Anbumani urged Company officials to complete the stormwater drainage works at the earliest or close the pits where the works could not be completed on time. By doing this, the Society can prevent the spread of disease, he said.


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