Churches plan virtual shift for Sunday service, after winter storm


Hampton Roads churches and places of worship are making adjustments due to winter weather. For some, Sunday service will become entirely virtual.

VIRGINIA, USA – Due to COVID-19, many churches across Hampton Roads have already mastered their virtual formats. So when the snowfall fell from Friday night to Saturday morning, announcements went out to some Hampton Roads congregations.

The Palms Church in Virginia Beach, for example, will turn to Facebook and YouTube for Sunday service at 8:30 a.m. and 10 a.m.

Senior pastor Brandon Shank told 13News Now that they practiced a lot online.

“So now when you have a weekend like this when it’s snowing, it’s easy. We say, ‘hey, let’s get a central staff there so we can do this and invite people. We have our children’s church online and everything too, so invite everyone online,” Shank said.

In Chesapeake, First Baptist Church Crestwood will worship virtually on Facebook starting at 11 a.m.

“I’m used to the snow, but I know other people aren’t used to driving in the snow. And for my elders and other people, it’s better to be safe and make sure they’re safe. home safe,” Bishop Anthony Rodgers said.

Both churches plan to let the snow melt in their parking lots, and both pastors said they can still get everyone together for worship.

“God is not limited by anything. He can heal someone sitting in his home, as much as he can sitting in a room. I feel like the greatest thing the church offers people is the community,” Shank added.

Other churches, such as Bethany Baptist in Chesapeake, had their parking lots plowed and cleared.

However, church leadership understands that streets in the neighborhood could still be icy and muddy on Sunday morning. Bethany Baptist will be closed to the public on Sunday and will be streaming services.

13News Now has also learned that the Suffolk Metropolitan Baptist Church will switch to live service and Sunday School for January 23.


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